Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Scott Page-Pagter | Winemaker & Musician

I really enjoy a great glass of wine, so after a lot of “research”, I, like a lot of winemakers, thought there had to get paid to drink wine. So I decided to make my own, and with my brothers help, we started Pagter Brothers Winery. Still haven’t found the way to make any money yet, but we’re on the way! Read more>>

Jared Carver | President

Early on I saw a huge opportunity with small businesses. Everyone was looking big budget and I was looking small to big. I noticed that so many small businesses had a great product and/or a great team but they were missing exposure and reach which is what is needed to grow your business. Once I saw that, I built out a highly qualified team to be able to handle all the marketing needs of a small business at the fraction of the cost to our client. From content concepts to content creation, our in-house content creators are able to create the content that our ads team needs in order to produce more leads and exposure on multiple digital platforms. We are a cheat code for small businesses that lack exposure and creativity. Read more>>

Tami Pardee | CEO & Founder

It’s interesting; I think great entrepreneurial ideas actually come from within and finding flow. When I was flipping and then selling houses I realized that I didn’t like what the real estate agents were doing. I decided that I should go into the business myself, but I had no experience selling houses. My prior career was in production – managing the production of television shows. I looked at the process of buying and selling a home exactly like a tv show: it has a beginning or a pre-production, a production, and a post-production or the closing/escrow process. It is most smoothly run as a production team as opposed to one person. That’s how I came up with the idea to run my business as a team – all working together to provide the best service possible to clients. Read more>>

Monica Zaidman | Creatrix & Creative Director

I am fortunate in that I have dreamt of having my own clothing line and store since I was a young girl when I would cut up my own clothes to make Barbie clothes, and I would draw up sketches of Uneek Moneek’s Fashion Boutique. From before I can remember, I would journal about and draw up my vision over and over again, always evolving and growing as I grew. After years of working in the corporate fashion industry, I became disheartened by all the waste and exploitation inherent in fast fashion. I knew I wanted to create a conscious business that was full of heart for people and the planet we all share. When our dream location became available in Topanga Canyon, I just knew it would be the perfect place to make this dream come true. Read more>>

Domino Mack | Floral Designer

I lived in LA for two years moved DTLA and found myself in the flower district way too much; floral design became apart of my weekend therapy activities. My roommate at the time Mark Wrice, photographer started taking shots of my work and soon folks started to inquire. I soon was making floral designs for people I knew in the music industry and just the feed back I was getting was way too good; so I started doing market research and then found myself really understanding the character of floral, colors, shapes and textures. I then came back to my home town Philly, and started @dnafloral with my mother who does the visual art side of DNA. Philly floral market was wide open for what I’m creating and its been going well. We are humbled and blessed. Read more>>

Lilly Nguyen | Self Care Enthusiast

I’ve always loved bath and skincare products. Taking baths has been therapeutic for me since I was younger and as an adult I grew to love them even more. It’s such a small thing but it makes me so happy. I have extremely sensitive skin and was starting to become frustrated at how many products were making me so inflamed. I started to mess around making my own products and it all clicked! Read more>>

Ali Ali | Podcasters

During lockdown we used to always video call each other. One night, Ali H called Ali S with a legendary idea: let’s start a podcast. Ali S stared at his phone, wondering what to do, and he decided to decided to go with the flow. Read more>>

Carol Grieve’ | Holistic Nutritionist & Life Coach

Eleven years ago, I got together with two friends. We were very concerned about what was happening with our food supply. All the added chemicals, genetically modified ingredients and fast food were and are deteriorating the health of America. The rise in chronic diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and auto-immune disease were rising at an alarming rate. We wanted to create and educational show/podcast that would be a resource for people to learn about how food could either harm or heal. I am a life coach and I was currently doing a talk radio show where people would call in to ask me questions about their mental health. Read more>>