Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Brady Keegan | Photographer

I initially started my brand, Mtn Trail Coffe, when I was developing an iOS application, by the same name, to teach people to make better quality coffee, anywhere… even if you are hiking up a mountain. When the pandemic hit I decided to reignite my passion of photography, being that I only had access to desolate hiking trails, and my house, I naturally started photographing mountains and products in my house. It quickly snowballed into an aesthetic I built for myself and I readopted my brand “Mtn Trail Coffee”. Read more>>

Lauren Kai | Spiritual Practitioner & Energy Worker

The name of my business ‘The Clair Sense’ came to me one day when thinking about my spiritual journey and the spiritual abilities that I have honed in on over the years through this journey. When I was first introduced to the term ’empath’, I was probably around 17/18 years old but it wasn’t until these past recent years that I’ve finally found what that terminology mean to me. Clair-sentience is another way of describing the feeling of empathy but it’s more heightened. This is something that I really resonate with and the acceptance of this ability is what lead me to dedicate the start of my business to The Clair abilities that lie dormant within all of us. Read more>>

Tyler Case | Creative Professional & Cofounder

My cofounder Donovan and I came up with the idea for Untapped Life while sitting at a coffee shop one Saturday in Venice Beach. Upon sharing each of our plans for that Saturday night, we realized neither of us felt particularly excited for what was lined up. That got us thinking. What was missing? While there’s nothing inherently wrong about going to that staple bar with the same people, Donovan and I discovered that we were craving an elevated experience. That ideal experience consisted of a few things to start. We wanted to stimulate all of our senses, enjoy innovative art, create authentic connection, and contribute in a meaningful way. In other words, we wanted to grow. There is a plethora of talent in big cities, Los Angeles specifically, and so much of it is undiscovered. It’s everywhere, but at the same time it is nowhere because many of these Artist and Creatives do not have a platform yet. Looking around the coffee shop I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is that the next Quentin Tarantino. Read more>>

Gabriel Lucido | Food Photographer

Creativity has always been a big part of my life. In my schooling, subjects like media and graphic design grabbed my interested and allowed me to express myself artistically while also stimulating a more technical part of my brain. At the beginning of my career I started off working as a freelance filmmaker working on films in Los Angeles. While this work was informative and the experiences irreplaceable, something felt lacking. Independence is important to me and working freelance in the film industry is anything but, despite what freelance implies. However, it was here that I met a dear friend who dabbled in photography and begun working with him on some projects. Immediately I felt a sense of gratification from the work. I had more control over the work and was able to be at the helm of my own creativity, but most importantly, it was the direct relationship with the costumer and seeing the joy my work brought them that made me make a career switch. It was around this time my father, who is the CEO of his own food marketing company. Read more>>

Maria Pinzon | CFO & Business Manager

I was a tax preparer for 14 years and I began to see that business owners were coming in to file their final return because they did not reach their goals of having a successful and profitable business. I was intrigued to find out what were the reasons that businesses were closing, therefore, I began my research. I found that most business owners were winging it, not a good idea. I found that they were also running their businesses on their own without any outside support. Being a business can be a lonely road, but it does not have to be. My job became a calling, and I felt a sense of responsibility to my community and fellow business owners. Being an entrepreneur is like being in one of the largest sororities in the world. There are sacrifices and many sleepless nights. You understand that there are certain disciplines you must perform which give you the right to be part of this awesome group. Read more>>