Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Ebony Semien | CEO & Founder

The idea behind my business was based on a number of reasons, first I was dishearten by the options available to my son who suffered from eczema and other skin inflammatory conditions. The only option available to him were expensive pharmaceutical drugs that had many side effects. I turned to over the counter medicines and it had little to no effectiveness in treating his condition. I began to research holistic, organic skin remedies that could not only treat his condition but also prevent further flare ups. This research began in 2013 and through many online courses, and reading lots of lots of books on how various natural herbs can heal and repair skin disorders. Read more>>

Jessica Meunier | Financial Coach and Advocate

I grew up as a child of alcoholic in a chaotic, abusive home. My future was often uncertain. Money was always a point of tension and anxiety. I also knew money was key to my survival. If I could make informed decisions and be consistent, I could escape my circumstances and create my dream life. My Dad shared some key personal finance lessons with me early on. These, along with my love for math and need for financial independence led me down a career path in financial planning. I dream of a world where everyone feels financially confident, no matter where they came from or how much money they have in their bank account. I want personal finances to be a normal topic of conversation, no stress, no taboo. If I wasn’t going to help make this societal change, who would? This is why I started my company. Read more>>

The New York Dose – Adalisse & Derick | Podcast/Multimedia Brand

The New York Dose is a brand born out of fire and ashes & because of this, we often (privately) refer to ourselves as the Phoenix. The idea for our brand is. a two-part story that I’ll keep brief. The first part of it, is that originally, we were part of another podcast that started in 2016 called The Bodega Podcast and I, DJ, was also a co-creator of that show along with someone else. We were completely funded and financially, everything was great. Our equipment was paid for, our space was paid for etc… however, as the team began to grow & time moved on, my co-creator of that show/our investor found themselves in a personal, dark space and the energy of that began to spill out into the atmosphere of the show. Read more>>