Stephen Rivera | Music Producer, Singer-SongWriter, Musician, Video Director, Photographer & Graphic Designer

“Presence: The fact or state of being present”. The potential for genius and inspired thinking seem to live in moments of complete presence. When I say ‘presence’ I mean total immersion, undistracted, connected to your environment, your collaborators, and your tools. It is the intention of giving your undivided attention to the process. It is being truly “involved”. And when I say “inspired thinking” I mean an idea that has been inspired to you, seemingly shot from who knows where into your mind, which causes a fire to burn in your belly that isn’t extinguished until the idea comes to life. It’s as if ‘presence’ is the open door for such thinking. Ultimately, in-depth planning or intellectualized understandings of a certain process prove to be insufficient, less productive, less impactful, or incomplete without that almost meditative presence, which makes us conduits for what is really going to work. Is it easy to do every day? No, definitely not. Read more>>

Baz Francis | Musician

I think that would be sincerity. If what you do comes from a place of honesty then it certainly gives you an immunity to the attacks from those without it. Read more>>

Alicia Rius | Professional Animal Photographer

The most important thing is to think about the kind of person I want my child to be, and then, work on myself to set myself as an example. I have a 4 year old girl that’s a gift of this Universe. Her heart is big, generous, and kind beyond what’s expected from someone of her age. She’s able to appreciate the little things in life and communicate them to you . Like the other day, she said to me out of the blue: “Mom, thank you so much for reading me books. And I’m grateful that Dad plays cards with me”. These are things we do every single day, like a habit, and yet, she was able to appreciate the value of them. She didn’t thank me for that bike, or for that cake. She thanked me for the little routines that make her truly happy. It really warmed my heart and I felt really proud. Our kids are our future and our chance to make this world a better place for human kind. Read more>>