We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until you’re clear on what your values and principles are. Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult. Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

Natalie Moore | Holistic Psychotherapist

In one word: mindfulness. The principle of bringing a curious awareness to the present moment over and over again has proven to be the most transformative skill I’ve ever learned. This concept changes everything. It gets you out of auto-pilot and empowers you to become an active participant in your own life. Whatever your goal, whether it be to experience deeper inner peace, to feel more connected in your relationships, to achieve greater success, to cultivate more robust health or to engage more actively in your community, mindfulness is a universal tool to support your endeavors. That said, I wasn’t always mindful. As a young adult, those years were spent more or less on auto-pilot. In my mid-twenties, I had a major wake-up call and realized that my life was not what I thought it was. I needed to make some major changes…and quickly. Read more>>

Joey HONSA | Professional Organizer

Authenticity. It’s a value that encapsulates many others. It breeds trust, honesty, and loyalty. Since I provide a personal service, as a professional organizer ,I need my clients to feel as comfortable as possible when working with me. We often run into items that bring up strong emotions and having a level of trust and comfort with me allows them to open up and talk about deciding what to do with said item. I find being authentic as possible creates a great bond between my clients and myself. Read more>>

Dr. Katherine Sullivan | Brain Scientist & Social Entrepreneur

Integrity. To say what you mean and to mean what you say is critical in both personal and professional life. Read more>>

Jeff Cozart | Small Business Owner

This was a very interesting question for me. I think the key word in this question was value. The value or principle that matters to me the most is loyalty. My initial thought when I heard this question was to answer with something like honesty or kindness. Those are obviously very positive and strong values to appreciate, but loyalty tends to encompass those values and also has tangible value. When life is going great and you have control of your life everything seems great. But when life jumps up and punches you in the throat your best defense is to lean on the core of people you have put around you. At times like that loyalty to each other becomes a vital tool for survival. Loyalty is like a rainy day savings account that you draw on when times are tough. This year has been extremely hard for a lot people people, me included, and the loyalty of my family, friends and associates has been a wealth of strength I have drawn on all year. Read more>>

Barak Bomani | Entrepreneur, Educator & Community Activist

People matter the most to me. This wasn’t always the case, but I have definitely morphed into a community-focused mentality. If you take care of the people, the people will take care of you. If you employ someone and treat them well, he or she will replicate that identity of worth to the next person. It’s that simple. The value of generosity is a part of my family legacy. My mother is a generous person. My grandfather was a generous man. I watched them change the environments in which they lived by giving to others and honoring people who may not have had as much as they had. Opening City Catering in Compton, CA with Pat Dirkse and Barry Cunnigan allows me to continue that legacy. Instead of simply creating the best barbecue in Compton, we ensure that our homeless neighbors who are often forgotten about (especially during Covid-19) have homemade meals to eat with dignity. Read more>>

Jamie Choe | Floral Designer & Owner

Integrity is the principle that matters most to me. It is the principle that reflects the depth of our character. Whether in my personal life or in business, the presence of integrity is what determines my success. Read more>>