Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Jen Herrmann | ’40 under 40′ Marketing Strategist & Content Creator

Before I started my own business and a family, success was always a promotion or an award at work. I was passionate about climbing the corporate ladder. After starting a business and being humbled by what it takes to build something great, priorities shifted. It was no longer about the recognition from others, but the pride I felt myself. Furthermore, success has evolved even more as I’ve started a family. Read more>>

Natalie Pluto | Longboard Freestyler & Content Creator

Being passionate and kind is my driving focus when it comes to building and achieving my goals. I’m very determined to live every day to the fullest, make those around me proud, and do my absolute best. I’m thankful for the creative community I’ve been welcomed into over the years as well. Being passionate about what I do has opened up opportunities and connections that I will forever cherish. I wake up every day with my heart full, and a smile on my face, ready to create and tackle any obstacle that may cross my path. Read more>>

Sara Hill | Water Enthusiast

I personally believe that the success I have found in my business, has largely in part, come from my ability to show up authentically, as me. In today’s day, where social media & the portrayal of perfection fills our feeds, to be different and stand out, one must do just that- stand out by showing that you are different! No one is you and that is your super power! When people begin businesses, that pressure to come across as having it all together is strong. But I advise every single person I work with how disadvantageous that is. Read more>>

Kelly and Shannon Gustafson | Designers & Co-Founders

The most important factor behind k.Patricia’s success is our team – Kelly and Shannon. We are a mother/daughter team and we handle different parts of the business. Kelly is the artist behind all the beautiful designs and Shannon handles the marketing and production side. We have taken our two very different skill sets and combined them to create a unique business model. Our two different backgrounds, Kelly with a design background and Shannon running her own stationery store for 20+ years, gives them the opportunity to bounce creative and business ideas off of each other. Read more>>

Lori Driscoll | Proprietor and pizzaiola

People. Without question, it’s all about the people. It’s the people sitting at the table, our guests and the people standing at the table, my team. I sometimes wonder which side of the table is more important and I believe they are equal in importance. My team, my family, are what make my restaurant thrive. My chef and his crew are passionate about what they put on plates. Everything is made from scratch and we strive to source as much as we can from local purveyors. My front of house are passionate about making our guests’ experiences special. Consequently, most of our guests are regulars. Read more>>

Josh Del | Songwriter, Producer, Artist

I feel like “success” is such a relative term. In most ways, being successful is reaching whatever goal you have set out for yourself, whether that’s making your bed or making a million dollars, success is only as important as the meaning that you assign to it. There are things now in my life and career that I probably wouldn’t even consider a success, but if you were talking to me five years ago, those same things would have seen unfathomable. Read more>>

Anna Klassen | Screenwriter

I contribute so much of my success to my ability to be resilient. Being a working writer in Hollywood takes many skills — and being a great writer is only one of them — but what’s most important, in my estimation, is the ability to pick yourself up and start again. The film and TV industry is riddled with failure and heartbreak at every turn. The unfortunate reality is that as a writer you will likely receive a thousand “no’s” before your first “yes”. Read more>>

Aaron Stauber | Chiropractor

Thinking outside the box has to be the most important factor for my practice. I’ve always looked for new and different ways of approaching a problem. In school we are given a framework to start with when working with someone, but no two people are ever a like. Digging deeper at what is often right in front of us and finding a new solution can be super rewarding. Read more>>

Brian Roberts | Woodworker and Creator

I learned quickly that the creative aspect of my business is only one half of building success. Unfortunately, the “business” aspect of creating a successful brand is equally, if not more important. Having no background in marketing, accounting, website design, etc. I found myself treading water without clear direction on how to turn a passion into a brand. Through hiring a career coach with a wealth of small business experience, I was able legitimize my brand and create systems that allowed me to focus my energy on creating without sacrificing too much of my time to the less glamorous aspects of small business entrepreneurship. Read more>>

Jake Hutt | Co Founder of Dryvebox, Golf Instructor, Content Creator

Consistent hard work, authenticity and originality. Read more>>

Dorian Southall | Private Chef & Entrepeneur

I would have to say that the most important factor behind the growing success of my brand is authenticity. I make a great effort to have guests not feel like their event isn’t just transactional. I make genuine connections with all of my guests. Sharing connections beyond the plate is more than just a quote on my website, Its a belief. I take great pride in not just getting to know my guest, I want them to be comfortable talking to me and I aim to make a connection with them. Read more>>

Sendy Santamaria | Illustrator

I believe the most important factor behind success is having the support of loved ones, community members, and mentors. I had the privilege of being surrounded by wonderful educators throughout my life and they encouraged me to reach for things beyond what I thought was possible under my circumstances. It was scary jumping into unfamiliar territory and going to college away from my family and all I had ever known. Feeling love and support was important to me and it kept me motivated. Read more>>

Teju Aluko | Chief Experience Officer

The most important factor behind our success has been discipline and discernment. We have such an innovative and unique approach to marketing, branding, and business building; oftentimes it goes against the grain from what social media, society, or the industry tells us. So, it takes discipline to stay steadfast in our pursuit to champion strategy over tactics, two-way communication over sales pitches, and consistency over ‘prisoners of the moments’, and much more. Read more>>