Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Kateryna kulyzhka | artist, model, creator

its definitely ability to say “YES”, to be open to possibilities without doubting yourself, jump in it, and challenge your own self… but also ability to filter and say “NO”, be true to yourself, and appreciate your time and talent. Read more>>

Jessica Williams | Fashion Designer and CEO

My story is the biggest success factor behind my brand. I believe people appreciate our uncut journey of trials, errors, fearlessness, and God-fearing faith. I also believe that our success comes from staying in our lane. Read more>>

Sungha Hong | Sound Designer & Cellist for Video Games

I would say a mixture of “branding” yourself/your work online and making friends in the industry. I started my career by uploading YouTube videos of myself playing video game music (VGM) soundtracks on the cello. Read more>>

Adrian Quiroz | Entrepreneur: Business Owner, Dancer, Photographer, Event Coordinator, & Model

I believe the most important factor behind my success would be the hardships that I overcame during my upbringing. Coming from a low-income family that often struggled financially, I have firsthand seen the work my parents put in to raise us and keep our family afloat. Read more>>

Johanna Lieberman | Jewelry Designer

I created my brand, Light + Grace Design, guided by a passion for beauty and well-being, which is the inspiration for each piece of jewelry I make. Read more>>

Mary Johnston-Coursey | Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Dancer/Choreographer

I would say that I have a hunger to learn and to grow. This has led me to challenge myself personally, and to continually seek out greater learning. This commitment to growth within myself has created its own momentum in growing my community of students and clients. Read more>>

Christine Meredith | Founder

Our success comes from our rotating selection of wines coupled with the way we talk about our wines. We call ourselves a farmer’s market for wine and offer new wines every season. Read more>>

Sharky Edwards | Artist & Designer

I’d say Consistency and staying true to the Art and culture you portray is a great way to succeed Read more>>

George Hofstetter | Founder, Software Engineer, and Educator

I would say there’s a few. Cultivating a strong support system I think one of the most important factors is cultivating a strong support system. Read more>>

Wesley Alexander | CEO of CoBiz Richmond, Inc.

The most important factor behind my success is knowing and owning my purpose as a man, as a brutha, and as a human being. I am called to help people actualize their vision into personal and professional success, especially for individuals from under-resourced, under-invested communities. Read more>>

Yuriko Shibata | Composer, Orchestrator, Pianist, Music Director

Well, I don’t yet consider myself a successful artist; however, I do believe I’ve come a long way. In a rather short period of time, I’ve been able to make great achievements, such as composing the musical “SKIN,” which had an Off-Broadway workshop production debut at Rattlestick Theater in NYC. Read more>>

Merrick Deans | Lead Pastor & Organizational Strategist

The most important factor for not only my personal success, but for success in general, is service. Those who serve the needs of others well, will find success; not simply because they are helping others, but mainly because they are creating and disseminating true value. Read more>>

Tony Gleeson | Illustrator, Concept Artist and Writer

I think it’s crucial to first of all be sure you’re correctly defining “success:” what you want it to be, how to recognize it when it happens. I spent perhaps too much time in my early expectations comparing myself to others in my profession; I was guaranteed to fall short. Read more>>

Kimaya Joshi | Registered Dietitian and Food Explorer

Diversity. I understand that people come from different backgrounds, different childhood experiences, and different ways of thinking in regards to food. Well Seasoned Nutrition is here to honor that. Read more>>

Ashley Adams | Artist & Designer

My brand is who I am. The success of my brand stems from the “the hues of me” concept I use in my artwork. The five colors, when mixed together, make up my phenotype complexion. Separately, they speak about my background, being Black and Colombian. My artwork is essentially my signature in visual form. Read more>>

Milky Day | Independent Artist

I think the most important factor for me was working with the right people. I learned so much just from working with other musicians/engineers and watching how they go about the creative processes. Read more>>

Tara Levy | Balloon Stylist

I think when it comes to running a successful business the most important factor for me has been consistency. This can be said for being successful in pretty much every other factor of life too. Read more>>

Shannon Horgan | Interior & Landscape Designer

Communication with my clients. Checking in often to make sure they are happy every step of the way. I don’t take for granted that the projects we embark on together are often big emotional and financial investments, with lots of decisions and moving pieces. Read more>>

Rogelio Mercado | C/ Founder | Pinecone Golf Club

One of the most important factors behind our success and the success of our brand is our golf community. A large percentage of our members are creatives with amazing input and suggestions on how we can keep pushing our club and brand to new horizons. Read more>>

Katharine Jerkens | Chief Business Officer of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

Personally, it’s a drive I have had since I was little. My parents would tell me about walking into my room and seeing me “teach” my stuffed animals. Every year, from about 6 years on, I would approach my mom with a clipboard, ready to plan my birthday. Read more>>

ReShawn Wilder | Chef & CEO

The most important factor behind my success is my faith and my story. The idea of inspiring others and encouraging others is a key factor as well. Read more>>

Shaun Patrick Flynn | Comedian & Registered Nurse

Experience and education have probably been the two most important factors for me. I recently recorded my first hour-long standup comedy special and album, and all of my education and experiences over many years went into creating it. Read more>>

Kayla Schroader | Mom Boss & Founder of The Pod Works (kid-friendly coworking and event space) & Co-Founder of The Co-Lab (childcare, coworking, and event space) and Our Pod Family of Businesses

We’d be nothing without community connection. Tacoma-local families and small businesses together believed that “teamwork makes the dream work” and wanted to share space and energy for family and work life, a space and support circle we ultimately built together. Read more>>

Patrick Hill | Executive Director & Founder

The most important factor behind the success of Disctopia was consistency. The importance of consistency in our business cannot be overstated. Maintaining consistency facilitates awareness, builds trust, and strengthens relationships. Read more>>

Dana Nielsen | Record Producer, Songwriter, Audio Engineer

Like every freelance music person in Los Angeles (or anywhere), I think the most important factor behind my success has been my unique blend of personality, musicality, and technical ability. I like to be a kind person who is fun to be around, yet who doesn’t take up all the space in a room. Read more>>

Chris Boudreaux | Actor

The ability to keep going when rejection is at its all time high. When your constantly being put down by life or receiving the answer no. That’s when I feel I dig my heels into the ground, an I tell myself “this is the bottom. Read more>>

Alfredo Achar | Producer, Curator, Filmmaker

It is definitely a mix of things that have played a big role in my success. Risk-taking has been something I have learned along the way and even though it is tricky, practicing it has given me an understanding of the value of taking risks because at the end of the day, Read more>>

Maliaka Mitchell | Program Developer and Interventionist

The most important factor for my brand is creating a business focused on social inclusion for individuals with developmental disabilities. An organization designed to offer valued resources and services to underserved communities. Read more>>

Jennifer Cervantes | Founder | Tough as a Mother Tribe

The most important factor behind my success is being so clear on who I’m serving with my products and knowing my customer so well. As a mission based brand who gives back to moms who have miscarried I will stop at nothing to keep going and serving those who I know my custom pieces will help. Read more>>

Shab | Global Pop Sensation

Clearly, my brand is rooted in both positivity as well as love: two essential elements that are dearly lacking in our world these days. When you understand as to how I came to this country – fleeing an oppressive regime, Read more>>

Rique’ | Recording Artist & Fitness Motivator

Well what is success? Success is the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted. Meaning it is subjective to your personal achievements. I feel that money and material things should not be the definition or the value of you or your brand, Read more>>