We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Justen Arnold | Author, Entrepreneur, Gym Owner, Trainer, Nutritionist, & Life Optimization Coach

I remember when I started it was drilled by mentors and gurus. and even friends this idea that was I was going to have to grind and sacrifice so much including friends and family. I asked myself this question “What am I doing this all for then if Im sacrificing the reasons Im doing it and the people and things that matter most to me?” I decided right then and there I was going to do it on my terms, my way and use things like mentors, personal development books etc as tools and take the “meat and leave the bones” Which essentially means use what can benefit me my business my clients my health. and my family and friends without sacrificing all of that. I’ve heard things like balance is a lie when you’re striving for the global version of success but I disagree. I feel when you find balance and work on improving in each area of family, faith, finances, and fitness (health) all four of those quadrants actually benefit one another and improve one another. Read more>>

Kyyah Abdul | Founder of Career Savage, Author & Regulatory Affairs Professional

I love Generation Z and the younger subset of Millennials because they don’t feel the need remain in anything that doesn’t serve them. Older generations for years would tell young working professionals that staying in a job for a short amount of time would likely result in difficulty finding a job later on in their careers. They would encourage them to remain in a job that was toxic or had no growth opportunities for 10 plus years for reasons I don’t understand. Read more>>

Jax Hillard | Entertainment Talent Manager

The concept of work and life balance is the most overused saying in career culture. It’s an unattainable concept that we need to start leaving behind. The idea that we can magically shut off our brains after a certain time is unrealistic, especially in the entertainment industry. Our life and work should be flowing within each other. Read more>>