Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Ryan Ransom | Photographer, Stylist, Art Director

I’ve wanted to start a brand my entire life, but it wasn’t until the lockdown of 2020 that I was forced to make it a reality. At the time I was a freelance creative working in the fashion industry, doing everything from photography to styling until all my work went from being rescheduled to canceled. So after a few weeks of being stuck in the house unable to work, I started to create. This was back before masks were abundant everywhere and my parents were both essential workers at the time, so I figured I’d make some for my family. I started cutting up old fabric and making patterns in my studio, posting the process on my IG story throughout the night. Read more>>

Eliza Hirvensalo Co-founder | User Growth and Acquisition

It all started when Tadas and Rasa, partners in life and co-founders of the Dogo App, adopted their dog Ūdra from the shelter. She was such a cute, small devil and they decided to try out a dog training school. Very quickly they understood two things; Ūdra does not enjoy the company of other dogs during training and Ūdra is extremely smart and loves training! She learned everything very quickly, enjoyed the attention, the treats, and all of the quality time together. Read more>>

Manuele Carli Ballola | Film and video games composer

Knowing that composing music has always been my biggest passion as movies and video games, I decided to connect them by creating original music for films and video games. Since I was very young, I have loved all Walt Disney movies. But, at the same time, when older, I also start to grow my interest in spaghetti western movies and Fantasy movies. So, growing up with Ennio Morricone’s music, Danny Elfman, and Alan Menken’s music contributed immensely to choosing to become a film composer. Read more>>

Alyssa Banks | CEO & Founder

My thought process was to create a way for children in and out of the hospital to experience Disney-like magic without having to physically go to Disney. Think of how exciting it would be to meet your favorite celebrity or tv show character. Now imagine you get to spend almost an hour talking with them about whatever it is you may be going through. These kids experience that by getting to tell their favorite princess about their chemotherapy treatments or upcoming brain surgery. That’s true magic. Read more>>

Rebecca Casciano | Plant Based Makeup Artist, Sacred Beauty Coach & Founder of The Sacred Beauty Collective

I’ve been an artist since childhood and I’ve loved to paint and draw for as long as I can remember. I majored in Advertising Design in high school and then moved from upstate New York to New York City to study at The Fashion Institute of Technology. At the time, my dream was to be an art director or graphic designer working in the music, fashion or beauty industry. That started to change when I realized my work would be all digital, rather than the hands-on type of art I preferred. Read more>>

Breanna Boyd | Owner of 5ive Spice Meal Prep

commitment it required from me, the dedication it was going to take, weighing out my resources, and sacrificing the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. I attended a Culinary Arts School in Santa Monica in 2013 and over the course I started to gravitate towards fitness during that journey. I had hired a personal trainer who was recommended through a mutual friend and my focus then shifted towards having my own Meal Prepping Company, at the time I was in my early 20’s so I did not know how or where to start, but I knew that was going to be my end goal. Read more>>

Esther Lee | Founder, Asian Founded

As a journalist, I’ve always wanted to be involved in covering stories relevant to the API community and highlight Asian excellence. When I realized the practical impact a viral video could make on a business, I wanted to be a part of it and decided to start Asian Founded, a social media agency that works exclusively with Asian-owned businesses and brands. Read more>>

Trevor Njoku | Nurse, Coach & Designer

To keep it plain and simple, I wanted to impact the world on my own terms. I could no longer see myself working in a hospital until retirement because the pandemic showed me that workers are just pawns in a billion-dollar industry. I knew that with my skill set and knowledge base in both fitness & nursing I could bring a unique dynamic to the wellness space and make a difference in the manner that I saw fit. I believe that Kurve Lab will change the lives of millions of people and that’s the type of fulfillment I yearn for. Read more>>

Sarah Bier | Licensed Esthetician | Soap Maker

I had fallen in love with the creativity behind creating a menu of handmade and effective natural beauty products! In addition to creating products, coming up with a name, brand, theme, and overall mission statement is something that always excited me from the beginning and until this day still keeps me on my toes. I always knew that I wanted a business that fit my style of tropical, fruity, and fun vibes but could also be beneficial and tough on common skin issues like acne, eczema, and dark spots. Once deciding my overall theme, ideas for new products and recipes started flowing. The true joy comes when I see not only my ideas coming to life, but to see my customers reactions and amazing reviews behind their new favorite product makes all the hard work and journey worth every second. Read more>>

Shafonda Atkins | Personal Trainer/Pole Aerobics Instructor

Hourglass Exercise Studio, was established at the brink of covid. I realized just how much people were suffering from not having a sense of normalcy at that current time. The gyms specifically were closed, along with most establishments that allowed people to go work-out, regroup, and condition their minds and bodies. I wanted to give people something to look forward to, in a time where it seemed like life hit us hard, and with so many changes rapidly. Read more>>

Brianne Patrice | Sensuality Doula

Twenty Nine Thirty is rooted from a place of love, devotion and awareness to myself, first and then to my community. As a Southern woman raised in a Christian household conversations around sex and sensuality were not had. My parents, in particular my mom, had no full understanding of the two other than what was passed down to her. Other than was taught to her through societal and religious value. As a black woman, as a black being and as someone who possesses as black body pleasure isn’t something that we are given luxury to prioritize. Read more>>

Jermaine ( Dough) Woods | Owner and operator of Cap Life Brand

I’ve always been into fashion on a personal level. From baseball caps clothes and sneakers. I’ve always been a creative. Whether it be drawing writing recording and performing original music. I’ve always been a hard worker for someone else and I’ve always had the feeling that I was meant for more than just working for someone else and not creating and having something of my own that I can lend to my family’s legacy. Also showing my two sons that you can create your own business and be successful. Whatever success might mean to them as individuals. So I created Cap Life Brand (Creative And Prosperous Lifestyle Brand) Read more>>

Anya Zadrozny | Founder,

When I started my business seven years ago, it felt more like a reaction than an action. I was ready to give the 110% I was already giving, but get to accept the benefits as well as shoulder all the consequences. It felt a little like skydiving for the first time, I’m jumping from a plane with a parachute that I haven’t tested but am believing and hoping it will work! Read more>>


When I started to work with & model for these Brands “businesses” as an Artist. I realized that “IT’S JAWN” is a brand as well. So it just started organically & plus I just like doing cool shit that my 16yr self would be hyped on. Read more>>