Over the past few decades the cost of higher education has increased exponentially and student debt for graduates is becoming increasingly difficult to pay off. So we asked the community to open to us and tell us about their college experiences and whether they feel going to college was worth it for them.

Lizy Dastin | Art Historian

College clarified my professional, but also my personal, identity in profound ways. My experience at Wellesley College, an all-women’s institution, encouraged me to develop my feminism, strengthen my beliefs, be open to the magic of female friendships, and amplify my awareness of art. I have always been so dazzled and influenced by teachers and knew, especially after my time at Wellesley, that I wanted to give other people the kind of information and support that my teachers had always given me. Read more>>

Natalie Taylor | Professional Singer & School Director

My experience at Azusa Pacific University helped shaped me in so many ways. Not only did I receive an excellent education in music, but I was also given a safe space to explore my potential as a leader. The relationships I developed with my professors and colleagues had a positive, long-lasting impact on my life. I believe that the skills, confidence and passion for education that I use as the Director of Fine Arts at Village Christian School began to develop during my time in college. Every penny spent on my education was well worth it! Read more>>

Kupah James | Mr. MakeMoves

I do believe College made a positive impact on my life in many ways. Friends, community and sense of direction was something I gravitated towards during my undergrad in Boston Ma. I went to a private college 20 minutes south of Boston (Milton) so it was a smaller college (when I attended) and I participated in sports while there. I still have many friends and continued relationships from my time there and I learned how to be an effective part of society from my learnings and experience. Most importantly, I learned how to LEARN, gather information, critical think, and seek knowledge. Read more>>

Elena Neitsch | Artist & Writer

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, ” An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Read more>>

Zulmara Maria Teixeira de Lima | Educator & Spiritual Guide

College made an incredible difference in my life. I grew up in poverty to immigrant parents. My dad was an abusive alcoholic and had trouble holding a job. My mom was an abused immigrant with few skills. She stayed with my dad for too many years “for the kids.” They had 5 children before finally splitting up. I remember in 8th grade deciding I was going to college on a scholarship because it was my ticket out. I realized I never wanted to be in the position my mom was in. I knew I had to be able to support myself, no matter what. Read more>>

Eboni Price | Director, Writer & Content Creator

College made a huge impact on the trajectory of my life and career. As an alumna of Howard University, I benefited from an incredible alumni network and invaluable lessons. There, I was exposed to incredible professors and learned the importance of tenacity and community alongside the skills that would help me to succeed in my field. I understand college can be expensive, but if you can find a way to go, I highly recommend it. I wouldn’t trade my HBCU experience for anything in the world. Read more>>

Jennifer Turnbull | Artist & Art Teacher

Attending college helped to discover my vocation. When I first started at a community college as a teenager I had no idea what I wanted to do other than to just make art. I ended up majoring in drawing and painting. After a couple of years, and much dialogue with professors, I decided that I wanted to become an art teacher. Some of my professors influenced my career path and artistic style and you can’t put a price tag on that. Read more>>

Christina Grace | Jewelry Designer & Founder

College is an amazing opportunity for transformation. However, I feel that it would be worth one’s time, energy, and finances if there is an intention behind going. Otherwise, you are better off doing your own thing. The first time I went to college, I dropped out during my junior year because I knew I was pursuing a vocation I was not passionate about. I was going to school because we were taught that was what we had to do. One day, I had the courage to drop out so I could follow my bliss. I moved to Hollywood and pursued a career in show business. Read more>>

Paul Roustan | Body Painter & Photographer

Yes and no. I went to two very renowned art schools. One for my Bachelors degree, and one for my Masters. They offered me excellent opportunity for exploration of techniques and taught me conceptual thinking, but I do not think they were worth the price tag. I’m still paying off my student loans, and realistically, I believe I could learn just as much at a community college for a fraction of the cost. The price was simply for the names on my resume, which I’ll admit, has opened a few doors, and enabled patrons to take me more seriously. Read more>>

Maggie Mullin | Influencer, Animal Activist & Restaurant Enthusiast

Absolutely! I had a great experience in college and I learned so much. I highly recommend that everyone experiences it if they have the opportunity to do so. I truly believe having a degree helped me get interviews and jobs that I may not have gotten without one. You also meet some of the best people during your college years that you will know for a lifetime! There’s truly nothing like it. Read more>>

Carly Waters | Designer

I absolutely think college has made an important impact on my life and career. I remember coming across a stat when I was younger stating only 5% of the global population had a bachelor degree. That’s not many. So because of that, I always viewed college and extending one’s education as a privilege. At 18, not having decided what exact career path I would take, I chose to study psychology which truly relates to everything. I studied many facets including development, sociology, bio, and theories of counseling. Read more>>

Stan Endicott | Chief Culture Officer & Cuious Pioneer

My college experience was among the best years of my life. First of all I was in college in 1970. The average cost of college then was about $1,800 per year. The cost of a new car then was about $3.,500. College is not about what you learn, rather its to learn how to learn. College is not for everyone. But for most people college is all about getting a ycertificate rather than being inspired to learn. Enticing people to learn is the very basis of education. My college experience allowed me to experiment and to develop skills in an area that I absolutely loved. Read more>>

Jenn Spain | Photographer

College certainly had an incredibly positive impact on my life because of the people that I met during my time there. I formed bonds that manifested into life-long friendships. However, I use exactly zero of my two degrees and the debt that I had to go into to get them delayed my advancement in this world. I deeply value the relationships that came out of that experience but I’m certain I could have made friends without spending 100k. My talent, hard work and commitment to my clients is what built my business. Read more>>