We asked rising stars from the community one of our favorite questions: other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?

Deepak Dugar | Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Surgeon

For me it’s all about the patients. I wanted to create the best customer experience possible for Plastic Surgery with the best results possible. I wanted to do this by focusing singularly on one service so I created the Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center where we exclusively perform SCARLESS NOSE Closed rhinoplasty surgeries only. We have become the highest volume rhinoplasty center in the country because of our dedication to the craft of rhinoplasty and to the excellence of singular dedication for our patients. Read more>>

Jaime Jay | Founder & Managing Director

The single most important decision I made other than deciding to work for myself is joining a mastermind. I feel you need to surround yourself with people that you look up to in order to become a better person. While my staff is like a family to me, there I some things I simply cannot confide in them with. It is important to have other people that are outside of the business that I trust to share thoughts, ideas and strategies with to get honest feedback. These are people that won’t sugar coat anything. Sometimes, they tell me what I did not want to hear and sometimes, that is exactly what I needed to hear. Not to mention some of the great friendships I have been able to make with people that would have most likely never crossed my path. I have working remotely since 2006. Read more>>

Rejoy Marsella | Award Winning Interior Designer

I believe the commitment to think outside the box has contributed to my success greatly! My inspiration comes from many sources including nature, art and trends but my BIGGEST source of inspiration comes from my clients themselves. I make it a person mission to understand them deeply so I can translate their unique vibe into their home. There is no two individuals alike so there should not be two homes alike. Your home should be as unique as your fingerprint! For a designer to create that level of uniqueness she/he has to do things that have not been done before. Thinking outside of the box is the cornerstone to innovative, awe-inspiring design that expresses the individuals that call their house a true HOME. Read more>>

Danielle Connor | Co-Owner & Master Facilitator

Put the blinders on and focus on the work you’re doing for your brand. Before starting Retrograde Coffee Roasters, we spent a lot of time surveying what competitor’s in our area were doing for market research. I got very used to doing this and with social media being so prevalent, I started to pay too much attention to what other people were doing and feeling like we weren’t doing enough. I decided to put the blinders on after that and stop looking at what other coffee brands are doing. Now, we focus on what we’re doing and what we’re excited about, and share that with others. Of course I still peek at what other folks in our area are doing from time to time, but I’m much more productive, happier and feel more accomplished with the work we’re doing now. Read more>>

Hilton Alves | Ocean Artist & Wave Muralist

The most important decision I’ve made to contribute to my success is to keep it real to what drives me as an artist. I want to create unique art that represents my vision of, passion for and love for the ocean. Read more>>

Nicole Cummings | Founder

Staying consistent when no one’s watching. It may sound so cliche at this point, but honestly staying true to your own concept and brand voice is imperative. Your audience/customers are out there looking for you too, so you have to keep at it and when the time is right you’ll find each other! While remaining consistent, the best thing to do is immerse yourself in positivity because there will be days where you will not be as motivated and not want to post on social media, follow up with so and so, etc. This is where motivational books, podcast, staying creative with the things you love that feeds your energy keeps you grounded and motivated for the next move. Read more>>

Erin Delsigne | Photographer & Film Collage Artist

When I decided to work for myself, the single most important decision I made that contributed to my success is maintaining self awareness. As an artist, it was important for me to build a career where I maintained creative control. Where I only create from passion and inspiration; not giving into the pressure of commercial conformity. Read more>>