We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Josh Delson | Game Developer

As a game developer I’m always inspired by the thought process behind producing content. Whether its films, games, music, food, etc, every creative has a different perspective to contribute in making something new. What makes one’s perspective even more inspiring is how their social identity and life experiences influence their creative decisions. That’s why I try to keep a diverse network of friends to always feel inspired. Read more>>

Kaitlin Bryson | Artist & Community Mycologist

I am inspired by the remarkable and strange world of fungi, particularly how adaptive and resilient they are, how they communicate and coordinate with other species to make decisions about the distribution of resources in an ecosystem and how their very lifestyles have evolved life on our planet. I am fascinated by watching mycelium grow, the performance of “mushroom hunting” and working with these organisms for art and ecological renewal. Read more>>

DaBunni | Rapper/ Artist

I’m inspired by the tenacity and determination my ancestors possessed in order to change the narrative of what Black People can be/pursue in every era and industry. They showed me that just because there is a status quo in different aspects of life does not mean that you have to abide by it, even if the 99% of that population does. Although I am the first rapper of my kind, I am inspired by a few rappers from different places! I love Detroit rappers; that being said a mega influence of mine is Kash Doll and I love the cadence styles of Big Sean. Other artists I’m inspired by is Lil Kim’, Missy Elliot, Money Bagg Yo, Tupac, Ice Cube, and Nicki Minaj. The writers who inspire me the most are Maya Angelou and Henry David Thoreau because their poetic styles are so raw and real. Read more>>

Scott Mills | Marketing & Photography

Whenever I am scrolling through my social feeds, the pictures that do something different are the ones that stop me in my tracks. Whether it is with the bokeh, that it was on film, a double exposure, or a hype spot that has been shot a million times but this one shot is different somehow (the angle, a foreground etc). Those types of images cause me to retrace the steps…how did this person get this shot? Was it an edit? What aperture or shutter speed? And then I run out and try it or try to put my spin on it. Read more>>