We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Deldric Bratcher | Poet & Violinist

The things that inspire me are movies from history like My Dinner With Andre, Being around fine art living in Los Angeles being from Rochester NY fine art is a big part of my the lifestyle. Whenever I see someone enjoying themselves out in the world coming outside having fun an inspiration to write to play. To be a part of the moment of life and those are sort of things that inspire me. Read more>>

Itsvoler | Latin Music Artist and Composer

I am inspired by so many factors when it comes to making music. I am heavily inspired by the life my grandfather lived as he migrated to the USA from Dominican Republic in the 70s. According to stories I’ve heard, my grandfather first lived in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, later moving to Harlem. He was here on his own, so he was into the night life, romantic encounters with different women, and from the looks of it, he was very into fashion. I always kind of tend to put myself in his mind back then, and I’ve been able to create some stuff from that perspective. Read more>>

Henry L. Benton III | PhD Candidate & Author

I am inspired by the greatness that surrounds me. My friends, peers and mentors are accomplishing so many things that are helping change the narrative of the Black community in a positive way and that drives me to do the same. Everyday I want to be a part of the change, seeing them put the work and sacrifice in, inspires me to do so. Read more>>