We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Mario Tardón | Actor and screenwriter

I am inspired by the little things. The little acts. No words can move me as one simple act of kindness. I am tired, exhausted of words. In the movie business everybody talks. And talks. And talks some more… but the truth is that very few people “do”. Nothing inspires me more than watching a person fighting for their vision, their goal. And the ultimate inspiration is when I see someone in power helping someone in need and getting nothing in return. I believe that what best define you as a person are the acts of kindness towards those in need and that will bring you nothing in return. Those people just … help. And that is what I try to do. Read more>>

Nayeli May | Executive Director, Journey Out

I am inspired by my community. I am a proud Angeleno that is passionate about my city and my community. I have the absolute honor of being surrounded by a community and network of inspiring individuals of diverse backgrounds, careers, and perspectives. I appreciate being able to learn from them and I know that I wouldn’t be who I am without those around me. Likewise, I have also witnessed what I would call injustices and lack of equity in my community that has inspired me to work toward change. Read more>>

Regina R. Robertson | Author | Scriptwriter | Editor-at-Large at Essence magazine

Though it might sound cliché, I believe that inspiration is everywhere. It’s all around us, in fact. On most mornings, I take a long walk around my neighborhood. It can be tough to leave my phone in my pocket, but I remind myself that breathing fresh air, listening to the birds and watching the trees sway in the wind is what sets the tone for the day. I’ve found that if there’s a word or phrase that’s been eluding me, it will come to mind while I’m out walking. That’s always a plus. Read more>>

Maggie Galton Maria Eladia Hagerman | Co-Founders of Onora

Much of our inspiration comes from dialoguing between Mexico’s past and present. We are a contemporary brand with ancestral ties. Our past/present narrative is what sustains our brand and our creative process; more importantly, it reflects the many layers and complexity of Mexico’s rich culture. Another important idea sustaining and inspiring our company is the concept that we are how we live. Though deeply rooted in history and tradition, ours are not pieces meant for a museum. Read more>>

Leo Li | 3D Artist

I’m inspired by technology and other people’s art. As a technical artist, I love learning about how the advancements of technology could impact my art-making. New software and hardware always change my process completely. These updates gift me art ideas, and make my pipeline more efficient. I’m become a better artist because of them. Read more>>

Sahid | Skateboarder & Model

I am inspired by people who embrace who they truly are and aren’t worried about what other people think Read more>>

Holden Glazer | Singer, Songwriter, Producer

One of my favorite things about creating is that inspiration can come in many forms from many sources. Musically, I am constantly inspired by artists, writers, and producers that I look up to, whether it be music from decades ago or the past decade/few years. I am also generally inspired by my peers; artists, writers, and producers I am fortunate to collaborate with or even those I know and don’t work with. Music to me is so beautiful in that one sound I hear when playing an instrument can trigger an entire idea for a song or feeling. Read more>>

Xue DiMaggio | Artist & Education Coordinator

I am inspired by the multiplicities in our shared lives and the multifacetedness that makes our individual experiences so unique. As a student of and advocate for interdisciplinary cooperation, (specifically, on issues of social and environmental justice) – my creative inspiration has been largely shaped by my lived experience as a queer person of color who is contending with her intersectional identity. Read more>>