We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Delanie West | A multidisciplinary creative leader in business and brand development, marketing & design strategies.

I believe in the saying ” the rent we have to pay for having the amazing opportunity to live on this planet is to help someone else.” Community service, helping underrepresented people, helping women and girls, taking care of my personal responsibility to make way for others as I climb. I am incredibly inspired by Madame Secretary Madeleine Albright’s insistence on helping other women, in spaces where women were absent and unseen. Read more>>

Jana Montalbano | Chief Sleep officer

Our whole business model is based on social impact! We believe in getting our beauty rest/ sleep, being kind to people and the environment. 1. Beauty rest/ sleep We are advocates for sleep and mental health. Aside from yoga lines, wellness is hardly associated with fashion. In fact, it’s highly opposite. Good sleep is priceless. It means happier people who make better choices. Read more>>

Launch House Brett Goldstein, Michael Houck, Jacob Peters | The center of gravity for the tech and startup community in LA.

Spending four years and an exorbitant amount of money to receive a college education is a decision younger people are having a harder time justifying. The ROI for a college degree is at an all-time low, and there are other ways of becoming qualified for high-income employment opportunities. Built on the same foundational principles as traditional universities, Launch House was founded as a community to connect entrepreneurs during a time of extreme isolation. Read more>>

Estefania Alvarez | Founder and Creative Director at Estefania

One of the main pillars of our brand is to support the local women in our community and generate a social impact in the fashion industry by providing fair labor practices. At Estefania we want to create a safe space in which women from different areas of Colombia with a fashion interest are welcome to learn, grow and apply their skills into the creation of our garments. Our team core is based in respect and equality for all. Read more>>

Ziyi Xu | Product Team Lead & Founding Member

Today, 85% of developing countries still use paper medical records. Misdiagnosis, fragmented treatment, disorganization, unreliable data, and limited doctor accountability are common in clinics serving poor, rural, and refugee populations. Existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems cannot meet the unique needs of these fast-paced, multicultural, and high-density settings. Many clinics also struggle to switch to digital records due to financial barriers. Our first client is a medical nonprofit called the Crisis Management Association, operating in Greece’s Refugee Camp Moria (Europe’s largest refugee camp in 2020). Read more>>

Aparna Srinivasan | Founder/CEO of SpotOn.Pet, the ultimate ride for you and your pet!

SpotOn.Pet currently offers rides with your pet, pet only rides and for our business partners, deliveries of pet related goods. This app is a powerful tool that has revolutionized the way pet parents travel with their two-legged, four-legged (and no-legged) furry and scaly family members. We are on a mission to make pet parenting easier for all. Read more>>

Traci carr | Creator. Executive Producer. Host. Organizer.

1. Social impact: how does your show help the community or the world? The goal of the show is to create awareness and discuss hard topics in a more digestible way. The more we discuss these topics through different lenses we can find innovative and better ways to discuss solutions to these problems without depending on reactions to unfortunate tragedies that spark actions and instead work in preventative measures. Having these conversations between organizers, artists and creatives would allow us to use a popular form of art — in this case comic books and related media — as a medium of communication, Read more>>

Yeu Q Nguyen | Artist & Cultural Producer

I think growing up in post-war Vietnam makes me appreciate art, and thus access to art, in ways that we often take for granted in the U.S. This is what drew me to creating works that foster empathy and resilience in society. I like to make works that engage its audience in an activity, and challenge them to be vulnerable and take ownership of their own expression and opinions. A lot of times we hide behind words because we are afraid to be vulnerable. We don’t want to be judged as not intelligent or eloquent or powerful enough. As a result, we hide ourselves from one another. Read more>>

Kayla Salisbury | Visual Artist, Art Teacher, Organizer and Executive Director & Creator of Coloured Art Studio 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

I created Coloured Art Studio based on the experiences that I had when I was a child living in South Central LA And my experience being a teacher and assessing what my students needed, as an adult. When I was younger, there were no art programs or are classes available in the community and in our schools. Even with high school and unfortunately even when I decided to go to an accredited Art College , there was the lack of black and brown representation in the lessons, Art history classes, all the way to the models in which our primary drawing and painting foundational lessons were focused on. Read more>>

Jeffrey Monson | Founder

Labr helps the community/world by matching talent faster, ensuring better fit between people and teams in the workplace, and improving transparency. Communicating through the network of people who have substantively worked together before ensures that everyone knows what they’re getting into before forming new work relationships. Read more>>

Jade Radha | Menstrual Cycle Blogger

What has ultimately come to my attention during my journey learning about the Menstrual Cycle is that we’re all experiencing a collective knowledge-deficit regarding the female body, specifically the female reproductive system. Spreading awareness about the Menstrual Cycle through my blog and Instagram is my way of filling up that hole! Read more>>

Trevor Elder | Founder

In 2012, I founded Champ Camp with the vision of creating epic experiences for kids to play together. Through our High Fives & Good Vibes approach, our programs provide kids of varying interests and abilities with an encouraging environment to make new friends, play new games, learn new skills, and have an awesome time along the way. This vision and approach have guided us through the years and enabled us to positively impact thousands of kids across South Bay communities by instilling within them self-confidence, camaraderie, and memories they’ll never forget. Read more>>

Shari Elf | artist, fashion designer, singer, songwriter, roadside attraction creator, gardener, inspirer

I have a roadside attraction in downtown Joshua Tree and lately our little town has become a very popular tourist destination. From the many people my wonderful helpers and I talk to, many people come to Joshua Tree just to visit the World Famous Crochet Museum. This of course helps the community with more people coming to Joshua Tree and spending money here (and that can be good and bad for a community). But there is also a joy and energy many people feel when they visit our space. Read more>>