One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Tom Williamson | Emotional Fitness Coach & Actor

I am inspired by anything that embodies and expresses the beautiful complexities that come with being human. I am inspired by the relationship between tension and relaxation that accompanies any act done while in a state of flow. There is something inexplicably mesmerizing to me about the nuanced paradox that is life, and seeing that distilled into a tangible form is what I live to create in myself and the environments I find myself in. The entire reason behind creating Breathe, Rise + Thrive (BRT) was to plant these seeds of inspiration within every person I get to work with, so that even if they can’t see it in the moment, as long as they remain open to life’s unpredictable possibilities, it will take root and blossom. Read more>>

Madeline Tolle | Photographer

I’m inspired by the small moments of beauty in daily life. The world is so heavy, especially lately, but there is still tons of beauty and magic to be found all around us. It might be the way the light hits a street sign in a particular way, or a dog sticking it’s head out of a driver’s side door, or even just a particularly gorgeous flower, those are the things that stop me in my tracks and makes me forget about all the bad stuff. These little moments are what I try to capture in my photography, whether it’s in my personal work or part of an assignment. Read more>>

Monica Juarez | Sculptor & Experimental Filmmaker

Growing up in Southern California, the landscape is the source of my creativity. I reflect a lot about the land, its roots being the homeland of the Tongva-Fernandeño people and its present day history as Los Angeles. I know that under settler colonialism and imperialism, the land will continue to shift and change. I am hoping that within my lifetime it is returned to its indigenous people. As an artist, filmmaker, and writer, I memorialize objects and places through video, ceramics, and inflatable sculptures. These mediums are a gateway that connects my upbringing here to my familial heritage of Western Mexico into a psychic terrain. My work uses science fiction to convey the otherworldly experience of living under capitalism, it’s invasiveness, and destructive nature towards life on earth. I don’t think we should explore outer space to find a new home but treasure where we live now and preserve it for future generations of life. Read more>>

ShyBoy | Vocalist, Songwriter, DJ & Record Producer

I’m inspired by art of any kind. I like self-expression, whether it’s my own or someone else’s. I love art museums, paintings, sculptures. I also love music of all kinds. Especially live music. And I’m very inspired by books, films, and television – I love art that tells stories. The connection that happens when people share their creativity is nothing less than magical. It’s something that helps us celebrate the good times and navigate through the difficult times. Read more>>

Sebastian Boher | Designer

I’m inspired by Pre-Columbian cultures, especially Mayan art. I’ve always loved the Zen minimalism of Japanese design. And spaceships. I listen to a lot of ambient music to get into the zone while I’m at my table, working. Lately I’ve been listening to a harpist, Mary Lattimore. Read more>>

Christopher Canullo | Artist

I am inspired by individuals. Individuals who have their own perspectives. Individuals who created their own ideas. Individuals who build their own worlds. Individuals who follow their own paths. Individuals who shun convention and live by their own convictions. Individuality to me is the closest thing to freedom. Read more>>