One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

WRED | Artist | Musician & Visionary

I am inspired by absolutely everything. Everything is art. I am inspired by creation and color. Everything is art because everything is a creation of some sort. My senses, Sounds, shapes, textures, scents. Nature, fruit, food in general, movies, furniture, clothes, animals. U name it. Emotion, Life, death. Color being the common denominator of all of those things. Even if the “thing” isn’t something I can see, I can still give it color . Every song or sound I hear, I see a color. I associate everything I feel with a color. Read more>>

Kelley Benes | Sculptor & Amateur Naturalist

It’s hard for me to articulate what inspires me in one concise thought. Inspiration is a collection of experiences, thoughts, events, and all the things that make up a lifetime. I would be able to take you through many moments of my life that have informed my work, but that would be painfully long and perhaps as exciting as listening to other peoples’ dreams, so, for simplicity’s sake, I will try to break down my inspiration into three main parts. Firstly, and probably most obviously, I am deeply inspired by the natural world. In addition to being a surrealist sculptor, I am a taxidermist. Taxidermists mimic the natural world with hyperrealism. In nature, I feel these two things [surrealism & hyperrealism], visually, don’t differ so much. Nature is a master creator of the absurd and unusual. I am in awe of the patterns, the colors, and the ingenuity of all living organisms on this planet—they all seem…surreal. The prospect of indefinite discovery in nature overwhelms me, and I often feel as though I needn’t be an artist at all because I get the same thrill out of simply marveling at a rock. Read more>>

Stacy Tager | Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

I am inspired by collaboration. I have felt the most success in various areas of my life due to collaboration. To know I have fellow humans beside me who are willing to be open minded, team oriented, and honest while sharing their professional knowledge always helps create something impactful and important. The health and wellness field relies on experts, be they scientists, functional and integrative specialists, primary care physicians, therapists, nurses, researchers, etc, to collaborate and share their knowledge for the betterment of all. Joining forces to foster a wellness community is high on my list of priorities. Read more>>

Erica Cole | Guide & Facilitator

i am inspired by everything: music, art, the creative process, dreams — things words can’t describe. also, sonic meditations and deep listening. Read more>>