When we talk with entrepreneurs about what some of the pre-requisites for success are, passion is almost always on the list.  So, we asked them to tell us about what they were most passionate about and have shared some of those responses below.

Julie Fernandez | Somatic Trauma Therapist, Yoga Teacher & Trainer

I am most passionate about empowering people to reconnect with their strength and their innate capacity to heal. Survivors of trauma often lose trust and no longer feel safe in their bodies and in their environment. As a somatic trauma therapist, I help people reclaim their bodies and build trust in their innate wisdom. As a survivor myself, I am most passionate about working specifically with survivors of sexual violence and domestic violence. I especially love helping survivors feel strong in their bodies, reclaim their agency, and further empower them with self-defense techniques. Read more>>

Amanda Cee | Social Media Manager & Content Creator

Creativity. It’s my biggest motivator. I love being creative! Not only is if fun, but it comes from a real place that is unseen and magical. I have a team of amazing creators I work with on a daily basis including clients and we just bounce off of each other’s ideas so beautifully. We are constantly creating fun content whether it’s video skits, memes, gifs, TikToks and when the finished product emerges we watch it go and applaud each other. We have recently gotten into a major passion project called Super Chola. Read more>> 

Stacie Aamon Yeldell | Board Certified Music Psychotherapist & Sound Healing Vocalist

“I am passionate about transformation — my own and others — through music. I look at my life 15 years ago and I barely recognize myself. It amazes me how we can be totally transformed by the renewing of our minds through music, spiritual practice and inner work. My own continuous evolution enlivens my passion to teach and support others in their own journey. I live for witnessing an individual’s moment of realization — the second I see the light flicker on in a client’s eyes — when they take a step or make a leap in consciousness. I am totally mesmerized by the alchemy of the human spirit.” Read more>>

Erica Moore-Burton | Company President, Coach & Author

I know that it may sound cliché, but I am truly passionate about helping other people. I think that is why I chose a career in recruiting, and have been successful with it over the years. However, it really does extend to other areas of my life too. If I can help someone, then I really feel as though my day and essentially my life is purposeful. When I was younger, I wanted to be an actress, but the reason behind that was to be an example and to help other women of color to see positive role models on television. I felt that was a way that I would be able to touch thousands of women. Read more>>

Raquel dos Reis | Makeup Artist

I put a high priority on my job, so I’m really passionate about makeup. I attended a makeup school, differents workshops and seminar. I work with so many differents productions from around the world, this always helps me to learn something new and where I can improve. Is so fascinating to do makeup, people are transformed from inside to out; is gratifying to see their confidence change and the smile in their face. I love to work everyday in so many different kinds of beauty and transform people. I really enjoy mixing some colors or adding some blood during on set. Read more>>

Kevin Mischler | Artist

I’m very passionate about creating my art and I truly enjoy the journey of each piece. I’m never sure exactly how each one of my drawings is going to turn out when I begin and it’s fun to see how It evolves and what the challenges are during the process. It’s interesting to me how my passion about the person I’m drawing affects the final piece. Read more>>