We asked rising stars from the community to open up to us about their end goal. We asked them where they want to be, professionally, by the end of their careers and have shared some of those responses below.

Drew Fonteiro | Artist & Storyteller

This is an interesting & wicked loaded question! Once upon a time, there was a clear-cut answer. I could give you examples of projects, awards, & milestones…but I’ve grown to learn it’s not that simple. When I began pursuing my career seventeen years ago, I thought there would be a definitive end. I believed I’d die young, having accomplished everything I sought out. How young? Twenty-three. Mind you, I moved to Los Angeles when I was only a seventeen-year-old. That gave me six years to do everything I planned. Why did I think my life would be short-lived? Well, someone told me a short life was looming in the future. Ever since I couldn’t see passed that age. It’s strange but true. So, when I got to LA I tried to accomplish everything fast! Here I was — a fresh new fish from Brockton, MA in a deep lake that was Los Angeles, CA. I could barely swim passed the soft water lapping against the shore. There was so much to learn about being on my own, never mind managing a career. Read more>>

Meilani Welbeck | Graphic Artist

To be honest, the end goal isn’t really an end goal. I pray that my hands never retire from design. I absolutely LOVE what I do and cannot imagine myself living a life where I’m no longer doing it! lol I will say that, I eventually want to get to a point where my design firm runs itself and I am able to employ black and hispanic designers to run it while I focus on building and growing Shameless Magazine full time. I see myself designing full time and curating the magazine, traveling, exploring the world and implementing my inspiration into every single issue. Read more>>

Haley Ringo | Host

As the world is currently in constant flux due to a Pandemic interrupting everyone’s plans (shockingly not ideal for a control freak like myself…), I’ve learned to be more open-minded with the end goal, as we never know how things could shift in an instant. With that said, the end goal for LAnded Late Night has always been for it to be picked up by a massive network, i.e. Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Quibi, etc. and for the show to be filmed in front of a live audience! And then once I’ve built an empire, have won an Emmy, and have taken over the world, I of course plan to move to a small farm in Italy and drink wine under the Tuscan sun every night. Read more>>

Sean Williams | Combat Striking & Physical Fitness Coach

Personally with Senpaifit, I want to use it as a Catalyst To be able to travel the world a discover to new gyms,as well as train with great fighters and coaches. Like everyone I want to be able to work on only my interest and not have to report to office, For me my Passion is the gym and Martial arts. Read more>>