We asked some fantastic parents from in and around the city to tell us about the most important thing they have done as parents.

Jacqueline Ngo | Entrepreneur, Artist, & Business Owner of Lily & Leo’s Boutique Cafe

Creating this business, being my own boss, and having a means to provide a positive service to others is probably the biggest achievement that I’ve done that would have a great impact on my children. I wanted to create a legacy to leave my children. My son, Leo, has a super rare chromosome disorder called Tetrasomy 18p, so his life will be more challenging and this cafe will allow me to continue to take care of him way after I’m gone. I hope to bring more awareness to Chromosome 18 disorders and also give back to the community and spread joy, kindness, and happiness through this business! I also want to show my children that you can do anything is possible as long as you work hard and don’t give up. Read more>>

JD Shultz aka Human Brother | Artist/Musician/Philanthropist

Giving my two kids the tools and fundamentals to express their creativity is imperative. Allowing their brains and minds to be nourished by the energy flow of pure expression is a powerful way to help reach their potential as humans. Creativity is the pathway to happiness, fulfillment and success. Read more>>

Maisha Azadi | Actor, Educator and Filmmaker

My career and parenthood have always been concurrent with one another. My desire to be an available and actively engaged parent shaped the approach to my career pursuits. That meant I needed to schedule my time and efforts around their schedule which in turn proved to be the most productive process in figuring out a work/life balance early on. That need, also revealed that the best way to provide for them, was to invest in me, obtaining an education that would allow for optimal flexibility while commanding the pay that I felt I was worth. This, track to ensuring that I was the most educated that I could be, in turn, lead to the path of entrepreneurship. Read more>>