We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Lexx Marie | Tattoo Artist, Henna Artist, Photographer

As an Aquarius, naturally im always going to root for the underdog in most situations. So when it comes to my legacy, I would love to be know for being an artist that made some sort of mental impact as well as an artistic one. Even if some don’t agree with my viewpoints of the world, I would truly love to be an artist that opened a conversation or brought forth an idea that one was unaware of before interacting with me.  Read more>>

Kristina Sison | “Sk8marie” – Artist

I want people to remember me as someone who cared about making an impact. Whether that be on the planet by make conscious decisions to leave it better than I found it, my artistic expressions of making something special for each person that commissions a piece, or by being someone who genuinely cares. I hope that I’m remembered as someone who celebrated culture, within my own and others, as someone who championed the underdog, and those that needed their voice heard. Having heart means something and using what little platform I have is vey important to me. Read more>>

Hiral Patadia | Business Woman / Writer & Artist

I want my legacy to be that of someone who uses every bit of life to bring healing and encouragement to others. I want people to remember me not just for the things I do well, but truly for how I make them feel. I want all the stories, conversations, and books I ever write, to be remembered – if by millions, great, but to no specific number quantity; I just want my work to influence others in a positive way, shed light on important topics and create discussions that will continue for generations. Read More>>

Aspyn Nykohl | Writer & Journalist

Oooh. My legacy! I had to heal from childhood trauma and as a mother, my son, and the way I raise him, is my true legacy. However, my faith in God and ability to inspire the world through storytelling will be my legacy on the other end of the spectrum. I want people to remember me for creating the best written works of all time. Just watch. Read more>>