We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Jennifer Borcea | Dancer, Director & Filmmaker

This is something that I think about a lot. In making content as an artist and filmmaker, I try to balance my own expression of something with the goal of bringing new insight and inspiration to a concept or subject that maybe wasn’t seen there before. I’ve always been an observer, avid reader, deep thinker, and old soul at heart. I like to push myself through situations where I can learn the most and practice growth towards becoming who I am meant to be. This is the ultimate story, in my opinion, Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey”. And just like he had stated, it is one that we must all take for ourselves within our own lives. A deeply personal journey, yet interconnected between and within one another. A journey that can lead you towards your own unique bliss. I would love my legacy to be about uncovering deep hidden truths about human nature and the human experience. Read more>>

Neal Fox | Composer, Producer, Filmmaker & Artist

I’ve been in the music business probably longer than most of your readers have been alive. What attracted me to songwriting was that I really loved music. Plus, it gave me a way of saying whatever I wanted. It could be serious, romantic, funny, or even controversial. I’m known for being outspoken and tackling subjects from the loss of freedom to school violence. But I balance the dark side with some humor. One song’s lyrics are based on the long list of side effects in drug commercials, which always end with: So ask your doctor! We’re going through difficult times. We need to bridge the widening gap with truth, respect, and awareness. That’s what my songs are about. Whatever people think of me when I’m gone, I hope they’ll remember that I tried to make a difference. Read more>>

Jalen Coleman | Filmmaker & Host of Geeky Misfit Podcast

I want to be remembered for being me, flaws and all. I want my legacy to be that I left this world a little better for future generations. I want it to be that I created art that moved people and changed perception. Most of all I want to be an example that you can do what you want to do, that you can bounce back from anything. Read more>>

Lauryn Hreben | Founder

I want to make sure that I leave an imprint of making a difference and helping others. My entrepreneurial journey started early, from growing a garden and running a front yard Farmer’s Market (complete with promotions!) at the age of 10 to competing in national DECA advertising campaigns at 17. Raised by two psychologists, a high school architecture/photography teacher, and an accountant, I grew up in an environment where serving and helping people was always second nature. So, why not have a business built on advocacy, inclusion, data-driven results, and a little tongue + cheek humor? Unexpected tragedy is something very familiar to me and has driven my advocacy for equality for all, mental health, addiction, inclusion, and ethical practices. The feeling of inciting positive emotions on others, whether it be happiness, soulfulness, or entertainment, is one that can never be replaced. Read more>>

Betsy Rosenfeld Vargas | Life Coach & Dog Rescuer

I would want people to remember me as someone who helped people and animals with tenacity and love. My mission as coach, and really as a person overall, is to help people feel seen, supported and embraced so that they can go on to live their best lives. It is not me who makes my clients change. I don’t do the work, they do. I simply create the space for them to connect to their inner value. From there they are stronger and able to thrive and more successfully take on life’s challenges. While very different, I guess you could say, this path is reflected in my work with animals. I take dogs who would otherwise be discarded by society and create new opportunities for them. I’m not making them great dogs- I am certainly no trainer the dog sleeping on my pillow at the moment could attest to that–but I give these creatures new opportunities to find love and safety. Read more>>