We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Lia Bourne | Entrepreneur & Choreographer

One of the greatest things about your legacy is that you are creating it daily with your actions. Life never stops teaching you and I’m constantly learning and working to create an amazing life for myself and those around me. I want to leave behind a legacy that inspires others to do what makes them happy and to appreciate this journey of life. I want people to remember my smile. I want people to remember me as a leader who has a big heart and loves helping those around her. I want my students to remember me as a mentor that inspired them to accomplish their goals and motivated them to bring their best work forward daily. I want people to remember me as someone who never stopped learning and spread love through her words and actions. Read more>>

Charlie Seith | Entrepreneur & Creative Director

To me, legacy is everything. It is a huge reason why I wanted to start Kolorhouse. The vision I have had has always been bigger than just myself. It is about leaving something behind that can continue to change and impact lives when I am long gone. I think for me, I want my legacy to be revolved around always looking to get the best out of others. That I always aimed to inspire as many people as I can to create whatever they want to in this lifetime. Read more>>

Nicole Torres | Hair & Makeup Artist

I love people and love serving people. I live for watching people thrive and find peace and joy in there lives and for helping others find gratitude and hope in their circumstances. My hope for how people will remember me is that they will have felt seen, know, loved & inspired to live a more peaceful , connected, loving life for themselves and those around them. Ultimately that they would have seen Jesus love in me. Read more>>