Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Michelle Schurman, CMM | Owner & Director of Events

There are many things that help make a brand successful. For Flyte44 Events, I think that the biggest key to success is that we really listen to clients and then get creative. We are always a team member wanting them to be successful and to meet their goals. Not everyone wants the same things and we find a way to make certain all parties are represented. We think about all their needs and then guide them through the planning process. This means giving them options and discussing considerations so they can make informed decisions. Read more>>

Emily Dhue | Director, Writer & Filmmaker

If I have to define “success” as one concept, it would be having fun with a purpose. That’s what drives me as an artist and how our production company, SpaceFish, measures success. We’ve been intentional about building around that idea. When I approach a project, first I want to know its purpose within the space the project wants to exist. Read more>>

Carlos Sanchez | Filmmaker

Understanding that self awareness is by far the most important quality we as creatives should have and constantly grow. From keeping oneself accountable when it comes to how much work we are currently putting into out dreams and goals, to acknowledging the quality of work we are putting out into the world. This relates to creating relationships with people in our industry as well and how we fit into certain situations and projects. Read more>>

Joe Rivera | Event DJ Artist

The most important factor behind my success is having a growth mindset. I constantly face problems and challenges, but I see each as an opportunity to prove myself. I reflect on my actions, see how I can improve, and take action to do better in the future. This has allowed me to overcome any obstacle in my way and become successful. I am constantly striving to be the best version of myself, and I believe that this is the key to success in any business. Read more>>

Rebecca Faria | Rebecca Faria I Lymphatic Drainage Expert & Entrepreneur

There is not only one factor, I believe it is the sum of many things that has contributed for what I have become. I would start saying about my background, since all the trainings I have done, my know-how in Chinese medicine to my master’s in Science in Integrative Health and Wellness. I put all the knowledge I acquired over time together and developed an innovative lymphatic drainage method called Detox by Rebecca. I have also always been very committed and responsible with work, which made me able to build a good reputation in my field through word out mouth. Read more>>

Lucy London McDonald | Artist & photographer

The greatest factor towards the success of my art is collaboration. I am friends with so many other visual artists and getting to learn from each other is invaluable. I’ve gotten to work with so many amazing creatives, models, stylists and make up artists who have all become very close friends of mine. Creating a community that encourages each other and doesn’t strictly see each other as competition has always pushed me forward, and I don’t know who I would be without my amazing collaborators. Read more>>

Sinan Usta | Singer, Actor, Writer

I would say the most important factor behind my success is the use of imagination. I love using imagination and combining it with themes related to contemporary society and the future of the planet; the subjects that draw my attention, that get me excited to talk about. I believe this is what creates the original voice in my artistry. Read more>>

Zoe Jade | Alternative Musician and Artist

I think that before all the tools, fan base and team, you ultimately have to believe in yourself and have confidence. You have to know that you will be successful. That positive attitude will keep you motivated and moving forward, even if you don’t have the right tools yet. Read more>>

Leslie Satterfield | Artist, Designer & Filmmaker

Success, for me, begins with escaping any fear of failure — escaping self-doubt and putting forth a willingness to try. Then comes a combination of belief, focus, passion, patience, determination, humility – and a healthy dose of blind faith and divine inspiration! I read somewhere once that you shouldn’t let on – shouldn’t let others know how hard you’ve had to work to bring a creation into the world. But any major project that I’ve ever been successful at required a very dedicated and consistent work ethic. Read more>>

Gareth Stehr | Artist

Im not sure if there was much of a thought process haha. I just feel like I have always made art in some way shape or form and I just started trying to have more shows. Started working on better art. Started trying to have solo shows and put my name out there as a fine artist. risk taking: I think taking risks is a gun part of life and that it creates bigger and better and more interesting opportunities. I moved here to LA from New Zealand when I was 18, that was a bit risky and I was here as a professional skateboarder which is a pretty risky sport haha. So definitely I feel like risk has been a bike part of my life/career. Read more>>

Jennifer Mebane | Owner, Cornerstone Bakery

What immediately comes to mind when thinking about the most important factor behind our success, is Adaptability. Starting up this business took a lot of hard work, dedication, and being able to understand the demand of the customer base, but the biggest part of our success over the past 3 years has been being able to adapt in the face of change. Going in to this business, we relied on past experiences to lead us in what we thought was the right direction, We quickly realized that we needed to be the trailblazers instead, creating a new way of thinking and adapting to the ever changing challenges that were thrown our way. Read more>>

Marisa Murrow | Visual artist

Determination. I have trained myself to work when I don’t feel like it, Pressing through the resistance and figuring out how to develop the painting is a skill. There is the anticipation of starting something new. Once it gets going, it feels really good until there is a little problem. This is where we spend most of the time, in the middle. Read more>>

Jessica Castillo | Body Piercer

Kindness, compassion, and patience. People don’t need a piercer who keeps their nose in the air and just wants to get the task done. People don’t need to be seen as a dollar sign. Getting pierced is scary, period. You need someone who understands that and understands what the body does when it’s scared so that you can better feel supported. If someone takes a second to breathe, that’s great! If someone just wants to go for it, that’s fine too! You just need to be kind about it. Read more>>

Kwame Williams | Chef

In one word Discipline. Discipline in many forms has easily been the most important factor in my personal success. to be more specific the willpower to stay true to myself and my desires. Rather than concern myself with what others are doing or letting their goals become mine. Defining what success is to me and striving for it each and every day. With the disrie be to constantly inpove on every level of what I do from communication to execution. Success comes when you not olny know what to do but have the discipline to do it. A great example is knowing that having a great work-life balance helps you perform at your best. Then having the control to turn down that last min enticing offer. Read more>>