Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Lené Magro | Multidisciplinary Creative

One of the most integral lessons I have learned about success is that it is derived from more than just one person. It is a collaborative effort. The growth of my business is because of the beautiful creative community around me. My success is not my own and the purpose of my success is to enhance the dimensions of the creative platform. Read more>>

Monroe Banuelos | Model & Digital Creator

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand would have to be both my happiness and what the purpose behind my work is. Those two things hold high standard for me because they determine the quality of my art. The moment I feel some type of force or obligation to do something, I’ll lose the true desire and love for it. The same goes with if i spend too much time on something without giving myself a break. Read more>>

Delawness | Artist

The majority of the credit for the success of my brand is due to the uncountable hours of hard work, sleepless nights and commitment that I put into the development of my brand. I have a mindset that is intensely focused on achieving goals, and I organize my work in such a way that I can cross off completed items on a daily basis. This is done with the end goal in mind of being able to successfully proceed to the next stage of my work as an artist. Read more>> 

Alec Moody | Concert Photographer

The most important factor to the success of my brand and any brand has been my willingness to take risks and put myself out there, especially in an industry that doesn’t always guarantee success or even a platform to show your work on. Read more>>

Jordan Rice | Co-Founder, Producer, Actor, and Director

Determination to get the work done is the most important factor. When people ask me how I got into producing, I tell them that I woke up one day and decided to be a producer. I wasn’t born with any inherent traits that automatically made me a producer, or take any technical classes to teach me, I saw what needed to be done, and I decided to do it. Read more>>

Stella Yang | Entrepreneur. Tuxedo’s Mum. Animal Advocate. Style Setter. Creative Mind. Traveler.

The most important factor behind the success of TUXIE LUXIE is my love for my little boy Tuxedo. The mission for creating this brand is to enhance the human/pup connection as a life style. With that in mind, my pay close attention to the needs on both the pup and human, from daily walks in the park to destination travels. My products are thoughtful, on trend and intended to create memories that would last for a lifetime. Read more>>

David Gnozzi | Music Procucer, Mix and Mastering Engineer, Youtuber

Most definitely it was consistency and hard work. The music business, whether you are an artist (like I used to be a life ago) or behind the mixer it’s an extremely hard and competitive field. And while there is, undoubtedly, factors beyond your control, hard work and consistency were the two things that made the difference for me. Read more>>

Marc edward Skincare | Ceo and licensed esthetician

Marc Edward skincare’s success is our effective outstanding thourough facials you can choose from over 75 facial machines and we use at least 7 different machines on your face and neck during each visit . I always wondered why people would drive or fly so far to come in for one of marcs facials and that spoke so much to there skincare experience . Read more>>

Annie Howell | Mixed Media Artist

I think for any creative entrepreneur to be successful, you must first and foremost create from your heart. The magic really happens when you follow what inspires you- what lights your soul on fire. Beautiful artwork comes from within and when you create from that spark, it’s a powerful result. Read more>>

Lisa Zampolin | Designer & Owner

I believe that the most important factor behind the success of my brand is that I always follow my heart! I can ask for all the advise in the world, at the end of the day I have found that following my heart has always lead me in the right direction. Read more>>

Darius McKiver | Makeup Artist, Enthusiast & Content Creator

The most important factor behind my success is the idea of authenticity when when it comes to representation in beauty. As a black gay makeup artist and enthusiast, I’ve always made it a point to speak up for people like me in the beauty industry, even from the beginning of my career. Read more>>

Mersadez Hemphill | Fashion Model | Model Coach | Creative Director

For me, it’s the people. I’ve been really lucky to work with so many talented and dedicated people over the years, and I think that’s helped me succeed as much as anything else. It’s like when you’re working on a project, and it’s going great until one day you realize that no matter how good your idea is, or how much work you put in on it if you don’t have someone to collaborate with then it’s just not going to be worth anything. Read more>>

Luna Beltran | Actor and Yoga Teacher

First of all, what does “success” mean? It is a word that is in fashion, and many times we do not ask ourselves this. Succes is the progressive realization of any worthy ideal, that means that any person who knows what they´re doing and where they´re going is a succesful person. Read more>>

Sho-Joung Kim-Wechsler | Art Passionate and Founder of XVERSO

When we launched If So, What? Art Fair festival in San Francisco in 2018, we were amazed by the support and enthusiasm of the people in the Bay Area and realized how powerful art can be to bring communities together. We created XVERSO to bring the aspect of trust, community, and art into one platform. Read more>>