Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Kartar Diamond | Feng Shui Consultant, Teacher & Author

Aside from delivering high quality, personalized information to my clients, I think that one of the most important factors in my success has been my work ethic. I follow through with promises and commitments, which includes getting back to my clients very quickly, giving them thorough explanations for why I make the recommendations I do, and for being flexible with my clients and students. Read more>>

Masha Kupets Navarre | Creative Director

There are two major parts to my success: my team and my network. It’s important to build a team of people who are rockstars in their field. The relationships I built over the years help me maintain a strong network and support system in my industry. Read more>>

Joshua Sterling Bragg | Creator & Writer

The most important factor behind the success of my show Haunting Season is authenticity. Anyone can come up with a ghost story to tell, but not everyone can make it feel real. I do that not only by being authentic in my writing and performance, but by stitching my stories together with truth, and then designing a 360 degree soundscape to fully immerse the listener. Read more>>

Sheri Angeles | Celebrity Fashion & Editorial Photographer

For me, I honestly can say working for free. Shocking right!? When I say free, I don’t mean I am taking on every shoot I do free of charge, absolutely not (I would not have a successful career that would survive on that). When I do free work, trades, collaborations, I am very strategic on what I choose to do/work on that I feel would be worth my time in the long run. When deciding if I should do something for free, my brain goes to the final outcome of what could potentially come from this shoot/opportunity/exposure, I always see the end from the beginning and work backwards. Many photographers you ask or even creatives give others a hard time about doing free stuff, but from my experience the free shoots I have worked on, have been some of my best work AND I have received some of the most incredible PAID gigs that I would never have received if I didn’t say “yes” to that free shoot. Read more>>

Ross Dodds | Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service

My Team! Read more>>

Lesley Almer | Holistic Bodyworker & Crystal Sound Practitioner

I would have to say CURIOSITY is the most important factor behind my success. It’s a great intention of mine to observe my business and the industry with a fresh perspective. I think it’s important to evolve with new techniques, new standards of doing business, and continue learning my craft so that I don’t fall into a plateau. Each year I take workshops and explore different aspects of health and wellness. I consider myself a bonafide student. In order to bring that special and unique experience to clients, I choose to enhance my skills and natural healing tools. It could take my whole life to truly understand the complexities of the human body, and even then, there’s no official end. Science is revealing more and more each day about the personality of DNA, how thoughts become things, how sound affects our well-being, and so much more. Read more>>

Daniel Robert Ford | Record Producer & Mixer

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is the success of my clients. Whenever choosing a contractor in any field of business, you need to do your research. I want Artists to choose to work with me because they feel secure in knowing they have hired a talented and capable professional. As a creative type, I know that not everyone has the same tastes, especially when individuality comes into play. Though I am not a performer or singer, I consider myself a “Recording Artist”, with the recording studio being my primary instrument. My hope is that when someone listens to my catalog, they say “yes, I can hear myself on that.” The nature of being a Record Producer & Mixer is that we are in a service industry. Our clients come to us with dreams of success in the music business, whatever that means to them. Therefore the job spec is to give them a product they can be proud of and use to accomplish their goals. This is not an easy task. Read more>>

Elham (Ellie) Zarrabian | Spiritually Integrated Life & Career Coach

I always somehow ended up taking the road less travelled. This was the case partly because I didn’t fit in a conventional box and partly because of my life circumstances. Initially, I tried working in the corporate world, but soon realized that the environment was too toxic. Everyone was out for themselves and climbing the success ladder without much regard for anyone else along the way. I saw it from the people at the top to the people who were just starting out. It was a culture that I did not respect so I left it behind. Then I went back to school and decided to take a more conventional route to healing and health. Once I went for my internship, I saw the same toxic behaviors play out in the health profession too. I was quite disillusioned and decided to go into teaching. Read more>>

Aly Collins | Owner

I pride myself on never over promising and under delivering. I set very high standards for both my team and myself and won’t settle for anything less. I know that my brides have dreamt about their wedding day since they were little girls and my job is to help fulfill those dreams. Read more>>

Mr. Awesome | Owner & Director

I believe the success of Camp Awesome relies on three important factors, rather than just one. First is the people that work at our camp. We try really hard to find people that love what they do and want to make a difference in the community. Sometimes we can go through several hundred applications each year in order to recruit the ideal candidates. Having staff that truly enjoy having fun and getting to know the campers is one of the most important things that keeps kids coming back each year. Second, we pride ourselves on providing a positive customer experience, and delivering a friendly and flexible program that can work for parents who are looking for an affordable camp. Lastly, we strive to create value at an affordable price. We want all parents to be able to send their kids to camp, whether you’re a single parent, working parent, or have other circumstances. Read more>>

Evan Disney | #MagicianOnAMission & Motivational Philanthropist

My friends and family will tell you that I am often heard exclaiming “Be a turtle, be a turtle, be a turtle!” You might be asking why on earth would a #MagicianOnAMission be yelling “Be a Turtle” when talking about my magical success? Even if you’re not asking, I am telling you; A turtle never walks backwards, that’s just not the way they are built. A turtle moves forward to go around, through or over life’s obstacles, but it NEVER walks backwards to get where it’s going. Whether it is the fabled tortoise of old winning races, pizza eating teenage ninjas being heroes, or an ancient turtle sharing wisdom in the Swamps Of Sadness, the turtle’s sure, steady, and consistent nature is snaptastic and has been my business model for success! Much like our friends, the aforementioned turtle, I have always slowly and consistently, chipped away at cultivating my skills as a magician. Read more>>

Douglas Donehoo | CEO, Founder & Creative Director

I would say being a self-starter and having steely determination and focus are the biggest keys to running your own business — in a successful way! many people start business & fail, it takes a a combination of the above factors to excel. key factors are things like making sure that your revenues outpace your costs! elsewise, you’ll be out of business in no time! the success of my brand relies on the above factors mixed with a sense of style — what primarily do men want in their athleisure wardrobe. what are other brands failing to deliver. we have an incredible mix of styles especially in shorts, capri, and long pants. our fits are tailored. and ultimately our product is made from sustainable fabrics and 100% manufactured here in Los Angeles, CA. so this helps to fulfill clients desires to “buy local & sustainable” whenever they can. Read more>>

Naz Meknat | Celebrity Stylist & Author

Integrity and perseverance. I do love what I do but I back that up with honesty and hard work. Every client is a priority. When you do your job with passion, when you are honest and don’t give up after the first try, when you take the job seriously and put your heart and soul in it, there is nowhere to go but up. Read more>>

Annette Mathis | Duct Cleaning Company Owner

I own an air duct cleaning company that has 2 branches, one in Los Angeles and the other in Vallejo. 2020 has been a very difficult year and I am very happy we survived it. There were a lot of business that have folded because of it. Things have improved and we are starting to prosper again. When I began this company I had been running other peoples companies. I decided one day that I really needed to start my own company. So I did, The beginning was definitely hard. I call this time my beans and rice stage. When I began this company I had no money. I had quit my other job in anger so I had one weeks pay and 10 years of experience. I made calls to work on getting jobs in the door or emailed customers for no less than 12 hours every single day. In the beginning I had to make phone calls for other companies just to make money to survive. Read more>>

Bridget Willard | Marketing Consultant

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is the connections I have made with people over the years. My philosophy is that if you invest in people, they will invest in you. I’ve been managing social media for B2B companies since 2009. My reputation for excellence and my willingness to help others with kindness is my legacy. Read more>>

Brendan Kelly | CEO

Positivite. Read more>>