Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Laura FAVIER | Director of BAAK Motorcycles USA

BAAK is a French workshop specialized in designing and manufacturing parts and accessories for certain models of motorcycle and car. The inspirations are drawn from the classical aesthetic of motorcycle and cars produced in the great decades following WWII all the way to the 70’s. Our retro approach allows us to layer a vintage look on modern machines. The company was born in 2012 when Remi Reguin decided to quit his job as an optician to pursue a career more in line with is forever passion: modifying bikes. He started to produce parts and accessories out of his grand mother’s garage. The company quickly grew and moved into a first shop in the country side of Lyon. Talented and passionated craftsmen joined Remi and the team grew over the years. In 2019 BAAK moved to a new 27,000 sq ft HQ where every department and the now 22 employees have a dedicated space to work and support the continuous growth of the company with passion and a strong attention to details. Read more>>

Iona Burciaga | Photographer & Skateboarder

Success is only achieved when you are able to serve and encourage others to be successful alongside you. If you strive for success in pride, you can achieve success but end up empty. Read more>>

Jessie May Wolfe | Founder + Heart Leader

The most essential factor hands down are the people who make the pulse of HeartRise. Our incredible community have been the ones who have helped this method and mission spread as they have had lifechanging experiences with HeartRise! One heart ignited, ignites all those it reaches! It is the heart of the people who make the movement ~ first by practicing the HeartRise Method for themselves to be powered up and purposeful ~ then by being activated ~ they generate and attract more heart-centered people to reach and welcome… Our Radiance is Contagious… and Connection is Our Greatest Currency both speak to the ‘HeartRise Effect’!! This is the heartbeat of who we are… and the way our method and movement are making an impact, heart by heart!. Read more>>