We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Danielle Bennink | Photographer

I think an artist should reflect the world around them, and I approach the work for my clients in this way. Wether it’s a growing family, a wedding, or another milestone event, I try to reflect the love that I see around me. All the little displays of love we sometimes miss, like a parent glancing at their child as they dance with their new spouse. Or that confused look of wonder in a newborn’s eyes. Or a young child taking their great grandmother’s hands in their own as they move to their spot for the family portrait. The big moments are great, but you can’t tell the full story without these little moments. And those are what inspires me. Read more>>

Petra Sherbin-Fox | Life Coach, Wellness Studio Owner + Momma

If you are a parent, what do you think is the most important thing you’ve done as a parent in terms of the impact on your children? The most impactful lesson I believe I’ve instilled in my children; mostly my teenager, is the ability to problem solve. As parents, we often want to step in and try to orchestrate our children’s paths based on our experiences- but for me parenting is giving our children the tools needed to navigate life. When we teach our children to solve their problems; it allows them to honor their feelings, explore their desires, build confidence, Read more>>

Janelle Fulton | Braider | Content Creator | Youtuber

I am inspired by Content Creators! The newer generations solely participate in ONLY doing what we think is best for us as individuals! We do not put our peace and happiness last, we always keep it as priority. I believe that’s what I am inspired the ability to be disciplined and develop such a life to where I can actually do things I never imagined before. Read more>>

Loni Burkow | Master Stylist & Color Educator

I am inspired by the arts. With a musical theatre background and a love for singing, I always loved to create and play pretend. As a hair stylist you have to envision yourself on stage, ready to perform. You get to write the story and create beauty with your audience. I am inspired every day by the wonderful staff I work with and beautiful Los Angeles. I continue to find beauty in everyone who sits in my chair. I hope to inspire them to see it in themselves. Read more>>

Nadia Pignataro | Content Creator & Mental Health Advocate

I am deeply inspired by emotion and vulnerability. Since I was a teenager, I really struggled with mental health. I never heard many people discuss mental health and I felt like I was alone in my struggles. As I got older, I realized there was an aspect of authenticity that was missing on social media. I wanted to be the person to start being honest and show parts of reality that not many people see, especially online. I love connecting with other people and hearing their stories. That is truly what inspires me and I think human connection and love is what we were meant for! Read more>>

Marcia Cueva | Designer

God gives us gifts and He blessed me with heavenly talent to design. The Holy Spirit leads me supernaturally to envision all of my unique creations. Read more>>