We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them.  Check out their responses below.

Alejandra Fernandez | Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Lately I’ve been working on a comic inspired by the story of this infamous woman in Mexico called La Malinche. I am endlessly fascinated by Mexican history and folklore. My grandpa is a historian and teacher, and we will sit down and talk about various historical moments while my Grandma brings us mounds of cheese and coffee and tells me her own stories about growing up in Mexico City. Basically I get inspired any time I visit Mexico. When I’m there, eating my Grandma’s food, walking in the tianguis, looking at beautiful hand-made ceramics and beaded jewelry and clothing, waking up to the panadero (baker) making his morning rounds, I feel moved to write it all down and tell my own version of it. Read more>>

Michelle Tan | Food Instagrammer & Occupational Therapist

I am inspired by the foodie community on Instagram and how they use their own techniques/styles to portray food items. My food Instagram is also inspired by some of my favorite accounts like stirandstyle, hangrydiary, and cyneats. I love sharing my passion for good food to this same community in hopes that they will enjoy the food just as much as I do. Read more>>

Pamela Harmon | Artist

The unending diversity of the colors and shapes found in the natural world continually inspire and refresh my creative engine. I also find the power and meaning of a single word can provide focus and inspiration when facing a blank sketchbook or canvas. The interplay of these two creative catalysts can be found in most everything I create. I may add a word or quote to a canvas before applying other elements and allow that to influence the visual direction. The choice of subsequent layers, colors, and textures are casually directed by that, and even once covered, are still influencing the creative vector of the piece. The fluid nature of our surroundings strongly affect, and are easily identifiable, in most all of my works. Read more>>

Bea Goodwin | Opera Librettist & Stage Director

With each passing year, I am inspired by different things, more things. Every time I travel, I am inspired. Each time I read a book about a new decade or place, (historical fiction is my favorite!) I’m inspired. A new type of meal to make? Inspired. Fashion, paintings, the cosmos — they all appear in my work. Read more>>