We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Curtis McElhinney | Photographer & Director

Many things inspire me. I think honesty ranks in the top and maybe the crux of all the work I attempt to create. People who bare their soul revealing their struggles are not only honest but courageous. My hope is to capture that struggle and turn it into hope for someone else who maybe experiencing the same thing. Tiny details in nature move me by their elegance and design. My desire is to express those fascinations in a form that moves others to realize that beauty even in the worst of times is right in front of us. Read more>>

Dianne White | Owner

As children we loved going to craft stores with our Mom. We lived not to far from H & H which used to be on the corner of 17th street and Harbor Blvd. in Santa Ana. We would comb every aisle, inspect every case and imagine the fun to be had by creating cute things with all the wonderful items there. We also had a Leewards nearby. Another store full of possibilities! We were both very into Halloween. As kids, we would decorate as soon as October hit. Making our own corpses, spiderwebs and spiders! We were resourceful. Papier mache, construction paper and glue were the tools at hand. Our Dad would help rig everything up. He had lights to simulate lightning and at 6′ 5″ would dress up as Frankenstein to hand out candy! Whimzy and Glitterfest grew out of our love for crafting & creating. After spending time on the craft show circuit, it was a natural progression to open the shoppe. Read more>>

Denise Young | Owner & Creator

I am inspired by comfort, beauty and usefulness. I love that my textiles check all of these boxes. Read more>>

Amy Bassett | Co-Founder

People often ask me what inspired me to start a non-profit canid education and conservation center. This is such a loaded question that I typically try to simplify; however the answer behind it could be made into a novel I just may write one day: How to live a life of peace and purpose, taught by The Dog. It truly all comes down to how inspired I am by my dogs and how much I have learned from them on how to live. From the puppy stage to late adulthood, our dogs teach us so much about how to live a life of peace and purpose. The puppy stage brings lessons on how to approach life with excitement and wonder. Be curious in your adventures in life and pursue them with passion. Seek relationships with the boldness that you are loved by all and explore every crevice in your environment. Read more>>

Brian Girgus | Owner & Operator

Inspiration comes to me in the most random forms. Endurance and longevity in anything is something I always find to be awe inspiring. Doesn’t matter if it’s a business that’s been there for 30 years, a couple that’s been together for ages, or a baseball player’s career. You know that to get anything to last that long you have to weather some bad times and some bad feeling here and there. I think one of the real tests is to not be too reactionary to anything. If you can omit that impulse even just a little you get the option to put in some real time with people or practices that you can benefit from in the long run. No easy feat obviously but I think the older I get, the better I get at it. Read more>>

Sammy J Watson | Drummer, Teacher & Cabinet Maker

I’m inspired by the idea that I have the power to truly be happy. The notion to leave it all behind and start life over and live in the present. Im inspired by my Child and the innocence possessed which reminds me of what music makes me feel like and why i started drumming many years ago. Read more>>

Lucy Smith | CEO

I’m inspired by spreading joy. I do that best with my art. Read more>>