We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them.  Check out their responses below.

Anastasia Perevozova | Actor & Entrepreneur

I can talk endlessly about what brings me inspiration. Sometimes, it can be a certain smell that reminds me of my grandmother or my family’s country house. Sometimes, it’s a random stranger sitting on the bus, glancing outside the window, smiling about inner thoughts… Inspiration “comes upon me unawares, taking me all together by surprise”. When I was younger, my parents would read a lot of books to me. They would also bring me to watch ballet, opera and narrative theater. I feel like I was sourcing inspiration a lot from all these performances. The ballet made me dream and fantasize, the opera – feel the most powerful human emotions and the drama theater made me…escape. Read more>>

Chanel & the Circus | Musical Artist

I’m inspired by my environment, mainly my friends. I live in a warehouse with about 10 other artists and seeing how they balance life and career while staying true to themselves is pretty amazing. I think being driven and dedicated often comes along with a seriousness towards art, but they’ve taught me to be playful and collaborative. Over the past month I have been inspired and in awe of the Black Lives Matter movement. The amount of love and support at those protests was overwhelming. It showed me, and everyone I think, that community is stronger than hate and fighting for justice is the only way to bring about peace. Read more>>

Caitlin Benya | Intuitive Reiki Artist

I am inspired by nature – its freedom, beauty, and wisdom. This is where my inner child smiles and runs free. Nature helps me to embody humility and it carries a palpable spiritual energy within it that is restorative and healing. The ocean in particular is very special to me. Read more>>

Rachael Wotherspoon | Actor & Filmmaker

I’m inspired by the underdogs of the world. I’m constantly inspired by stories of people who came from what some might call ‘humble beginnings’, or who struggled at the beginning but kept going, despite the opinions of others, despite adversity, lack of support, or despite maybe most of all – people around them not expecting them to get to where they did. I relate to this on a personal level, so I decided to channel this feeling positively and take charge of what it meant to me, as well as keeping perspective and gratitude at the forefront of my mind. Read more>>

Stef Gerard | Usui Reiki Master & Psychic Medium

I find inspiration in pieces of everything: the human experience, joy, sorrow, the shadow, nature, the moon, the sun, and all creatures. I am inspired by my fellow humans and the stories and labels to which they have become attached. I am inspired by the psyche, the existential struggle, and the capacity to love. I am inspired by the secondary definition of the very word “inspire”, which is “to breathe in; inhale”. Life, essence, the spirit. I am inspired by the journey of life itself, with all its twists and turns and uncertainties. I am inspired by each breath I have taken and each breath I will take, for each breath is another opportunity to find inspiration. Read more>>

Sarah J. Halstead | Comedian & Actor

I’ve always been inspired by the dark horse. The one that everyone had underestimated during the competitive faze of the mission and then came blazing out of nowhere with the fiercest and most tantalizing force surpassing everyone in their path who had once written them off – whether it be a politician, athlete, entertainer, or head fryer at McDonalds. Read more>>

Leslie O’Guinn | Chef, Owner & Artist

I sometimes wonder if I get too much inspiration from the world! A bad meal can inspired me to create something better. A desert plant has been the catalyst behind pasta. Conversations with an Ethiopian friend inspire me to learn more about his country and try to recreate some of his favorite foods from home. My favorite response is “this is great! This isn’t (whatever I was trying to make) . But it reminds me of that!” Haha! My favorite thing to be inspired by is travel though. There’s so much history behind food. Geography can be learned and better understood when looking at a regions dishes and crops. I remember my first time in Grand Cayman. Read more>>

Duane Bowen | Owner

For me, family and where I grew up (Compton, CA) has always been my biggest inspiration in life and in business. My family and My City are very prideful; we wear our name with great honor! So that definitely keeps me going. These two components are the main inspiration behind my quote “Take Pride In Who You Are, Take Pride In What You Represent”. Also, being a resource for future generations to come. Growing up in Compton, CA was never easy because there are many different factors that can play into the way your life turns out. Obviously, you can turn to the streets or you can find an outlet to keep you off of them. Read more>>

Anthony Ferraro | Sci-Fi Filmmaker & Influencer

I am inspired by the DIY process. When I have an idea for a show or a film I start to manifest it by breaking down the components of the idea into manageable jobs that I need to complete to realize what I imagined. I have learned that daily tasks inspire me to complete the big idea. During that process, the idea becomes refined and built upon through the focus of having a daily goal. Many of those smaller tasks become how-to episodes on my DIY Sci-Fi channel “Create Sci-Fi.” Read more>>

Angela Smaldone | 3d Sculptor & Modeler

To quote a funny line by Ernst Haas about inspiration: “Don’t park…Arrival is the death of inspiration“. The concept behind this sentence is that, as an artist, I strive to remain hungry for inputs that are gonna feed my inspiration. Life in general is a great source for that. Experiencing the external world, in any possible way, builds my personal database of sensations and emotions that I can go back to when it`s time to come up with something new. A database that defines my taste and my opinions about things, which is the point of difference required to express my own voice. Read more>>

Vealy Celdran | Singer-songwriter & Registered Nurse

I’m inspired by people that are striving really hard to be their full, authentic selves. No inhibition, not too much editing, not a lot of trying to fit in. It’s so inspiring. I want to practice that– in my music, in interactions, in my choice of clothes! Read more>>

Danni Blackman | Abstract Artist

Music is my biggest inspiration. I can see the sounds and what colors represent the emotion and the story that the song is telling. I also love faces, especially eyes, they can be incredibly expressive and add an entirely new layer to a particular project. I’m inspired by artists like Oliver Hibert for their consistent use of bold colors as well as Sabrina Bosco for their beautifully detailed pieces of the human form incorporated with nature. When it comes to business, I’m inspired by the support of my friends and family who believe in my work. Read more>>

Andres Sanchez | Facilities Coordinator

I am inspired by creativity, whether it is through the form of science, language, art, education, or technology. I believe creativity can serve as a catalyst for anyone’s success and is so beneficial to every community. There are no limits! Read more>>