Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Asanté | Artist | Singer- Songwriter and Actor

I’m a firm believer in God and while “happiness” is fleeting and difficult to maintain, He is the opposite: all-powerful, omnipresent and omnipotent. I live life knowing that just as happiness is temporary, sadness is the same and working on being happy can prolong the feeling, abundantly. I was taught from a very young age to look at my blessings, rather than what I might “lack”. Whether those blessings be family, artistic abilities or even a ray of sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that there is still a reason to smile (as cliché as that sounds). I believe people feel happier when they feel more in control of their lives or circumstances occurring in their lives, but we live a wildly unpredictable existence. Looking at my blessings, no matter how small they may seem, gives me some control in knowing that even on my loneliest days, somebody is watching out for me. In a sense, I find control by letting go of the desire for control (notice how I didn’t say need). Read more>>

Jack Chen | Podcast Host For “Right in The Feels”

I’ve grappled with the idea of what make me happy for most of my life. There are so many momentary things, which includes travel, parties, events of all the sorts which is always added to a happiness reel of one’s life. Of course there are monetary things, which includes materialistic pursuits that can bring real sustenance to life or up standard of living that brings status and respect. Regardless the satiation for both can be a drug and bring genuine fulfillment in my happiness meter, but I realized it was always fleeting. What makes me happy now is the focus on self growth and self understanding. It’s not so much a pursuit, but a journey in understanding what will make me happy is being present within myself, which will ultimately reflect upon my relationships and experiences elevating. This is what makes me happy. Read more>>

Brianna Knickerbocker | Singer/Songwriter and Voice Actor

Digging deep into the way we think and love and feel as humans, and putting these stories of how we relate to each other, in the most raw and real ways, into my music (singing/songwriting). Psychology has always been fascinating to me, learning and growing and channeling all my inner reflection and work into something artistic like music has always felt like such a natural flow for me and of course cathartic. Music is something we as humans all share, I’ve never met a single person that didn’t love at least some kind of music. It’s this soul-felt uniting expression for all of us; it’s a universal language. The other pivotal element of what makes me happy in this context goes, for me is shared experiences. Sharing what I’ve created with others and effecting them, connecting with others, on some level. Read more>>

Larada Lamsam | Entrepreneur

Human kindness makes me happy because it reminds me what a beautiful place the world is when we don’t hurry to judge others and try to connect to each other instead. It is in this state that we can truly band together to bring real positive change, in saving ourselves and the planet. Read more>>

Logan Donovan | Actor, Director, Producer, Photographer

Collaboration! There is nothing so great as gathering around a creative endeavor with a group of passionate people all set on working together to make something from nothing. There is no situation where a creative endeavor is not better through colloboration. Read more>>

Darryl Appiah Brian Wilson | Fashion Designers

Broad question because a number of things can make me or anyone happy…food, money, socializing, resting, seeing others happy etc. but if we want to dig deeper, happiness comes from within. I believe one cannot be truly until they are happy with themselves. Happiness is a choice and happiness can be situational so for me I can say I truly get joy out of setting someone else up to succeed wether it’s something big or small, friend or family. How I see it is I’m a be good regardless so helping someone else getting closer to what makes them happy makes me happy. -Darryl. Read more>>

Tessie Herrasti | Actor, Writer, Philanthropist & Coach

Telling stories makes me happy! Life is so much better with them, I also love how stories have an impact on people’s life. If you think about it, we are all shaped by stories, we are the stories we listen to, the ones we hear from our elders or families, the ones we read, the ones we see in movies or television. I believe in the power of stories and I also understand the responsibility that comes with them. Stories should also serve for shifting ideas that no longer serve us as human beings. Stories about racism, intolerance, rape, inequality, war, etc, should only help us understand, be aware and take action in creating change for those dynamics, everyday action matters- little acts of kindness, listening more than speaking, helping each other, having empathy and compassion for one another and ourselves. Read more>>

LIANA SIMS |Preacher, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Mentor

Spending time with people who are good for my soul makes me very very happy! There’s nothing like eating a good meal. Food makes me happy, LOL. Accomplishing goals that I set out for myself makes me happy. Experiencing other people in their own happiness, makes me happy. A good read, an “aha moment,” a nice back, post-workout, natural light. and being with my family. all make me happy. Finding the light in the midst of darkness and clinging to it, makes me happy. Laughing, laughing at something that is genuinely funny to me, that makes me very happy!. Read more>>

Selim Yang | Illustrator

When I was in high school, I thought I would become happy if I made it into college. Even now, I believe I will become happy if I make it as a successful illustrator, find my true love, and get married. Compared to that belief, now I am just a graduate with an uncertain future, and therefore an unhappy person. However, that’s not really how happiness works, so I started to search for my own definition of happiness. Happiness exists within our everyday life, and it depends on how we choose to perceive it. When I gave up my obsession with happiness and started to look for small things in my life that make me feel happy, I realized that there are many things to be happy about: hanging out and making wonderful memories with people I love, spending time and taking care of my dog, working hard to buy my favorite toys and figurines, eating something delicious, driving and watching sunset while listening to my favorite song, creating art using my own ideas and colors, and many more. Read more>>

Alex Mediate | Photographer & Artist

Happiness is a concept that adapts and redefines itself in my life. I tend to find it better when I am in good company, and when I know the people I love are safe. When I spend too much time at home and start feeling down, I need to simply walk outside and realize there is a sky above us, fresh air, and living beings all around. I really thrive on communication, sharing ideas, and being there for one another, whether it be in the virtual or physical world. I realized that human company through family, friends, relationships, and community are key factors towards promoting happiness in my life. Phone calls with my grandma, buying fresh cut flowers for my living room, discovering a new song I like, or wandering southern California beaches are precious moments I can’t live without. Knowing that the issues I am facing in my life are temporary is something I always have to remind myself. Read more>>

Rachel Kice | Artist & Hypnotist

Transformation makes me happy. Though much transformation takes place on a canvas, my favorite part of my work is using hypnotherapy to help individuals overcome patterns of anxiety and discover new perspective and freedom. Through my personal experience and the experience of others, I’ve seen that when our minds and bodies are liberated from anxious patterns, we become more present in our lives, connected to our hearts, compassionate to self and others, and available to our communities. It makes me extremely happy to see the happy face of a person who has discovered they are more resilient, expressive, and capable of change than they thought they could be. Read more>>

Gracen & Paris Newton | Sibling Child Actors Conquering Hollywood Together!

Paris: Acting! Gracen: Yes, acting makes us both happy because we love it! When we aren’t acting at work, we are at home writing scripts and songs and performing them together for our family! I would normally be the one writing all the stuff and teaching it to Paris, but now she is starting to make her own stuff too!. Read more>>

Michael Charles | Hip Hop Artist & Entrepreneur

Creating. As long as i’m able to create I can somewhat steer my own narrative. I can create moments, I can create thoughts, memories, opportunities, relationships etc.. Having the ability to create any experience I want. Read more>>

Jannette Castaneda-Lopez | Mariachi Owner/ Violinist

Mariachis tend to accompany families during meaningful milestones; Birthdays, Weddings, Funerals etc. The biggest gift, and what makes me the happiest, is the ability to share these moments with so many families. I often help clients plan surprise birthday serenades, and seeing the recipients face light up when they hear the music and see us, is something I will never tire of witnessing. My absolute favorite is serenading Moms. They shed the sweetest, happiest tears at the gesture from their children/husband. Milestone moments bring out the best in people, and us Mariachis are so lucky to witness it. Read more>>

Jojo Mozafari | Influencer & Entrepreneur

Seeking the good in each day because life as a whole is too much to digest so I choose to indulge in the good each day has to offer. Everyday may not be good but there’s something good in every day. This may seem obvious or perhaps silly yet somehow we repeatedly disregard it. Nowadays in the mist of so much chaos we often forget to find the things in life that make us happy. Read more>>

Crystle Naibaho | Graphic Designer & Jewelry Designer

The outdoors and music makes me happy. The two are my main sources of inspiration and motivation for creating all my art. Read more>>

Monique Gardner | Artist

The things that make me happy are seeing the joy in other people — be it when they talk about the things they’re passionate about, the people they love or in the moment when someone is having an experience that you can see the joy literally radiating through their whole body. Also, when I’m present in the moment and feel the full experience of something like a hike, conversation, road trip or even small things like taking a shower, lol. I know that sounds insane but I’ve found a lot of the times I’m on autopilot and I go through a whole day getting things done without remembering how because I was lost in my head. And of course reading a good book or watching a bomb show/movie. Its kind of meditative for me. Read more>>

Meghin O’Brien | Crocheter and Designer

I love making people smile. It’s a lifelong mission of mine- I want to make people happy, even if it’s just for a small moment in time. It’s why I majored in music and performed. It’s why I crochet and create now. Elements of my life are not happy- they’re really painful. Being able to create something makes my life a little better. So I wanted my crochet creations to be something that brought smiles to others. We have aspects of our lives that can be difficult, to say the least, so moments of levity are very precious. Read more>>

Madeline Stephenson | Filmmaker and Artist

I’ve worked on affects someone in a positive way. Is being an artist the only profession where making someone cry is sort of the goal? I’ve heard artists say that the reason they create is that it’s the only thing they can do. What I think they mean is: “it’s the only way I can express myself.” Filmmaking is my deepest form of self expression. When my films affect others, it means I’ve reached them and made an impact. And because other people’s movies have made me so happy in my own life, to be able to give someone else a feeling of connection, or to make them feel less alone, makes me happy. But this goes beyond my work. It also applies to the experiences I try to curate on set amongst my crew. Some of the happiest moments of my life have been skulking around crafty and overhearing the boom op bonding with the producer over something small. I love how filmmaking brings people together in such an intimate way, and it’s in these little moments that I find the most joy. Read more>>

Pernell Quilon | Writer & Cartoonist

Taking care of dogs. For me, part of being creative is not being able to turn my mind off at will. There are times I’ll get so carried away with writing that I’ll actually forget to eat. But when I’m dog-sitting or at my parents’ place taking care of our two dogs, I feel this responsibility to take feed them, play with them, take them out for walks, etc. Caring for something other than myself or my art forces me to step into a routine and out of my mind. And that makes me happy because it reminds me that there’s more to life than my career, even if it’s as simple as walking behind my dogs as they trot around our backyard. Honestly, these are a lot of the times when I get a new idea or burst of inspiration. It’s good to step away from work throughout the day. Read more>>

LUANA BUDANI | Baking/ Cooking

I get genuinly happy when something i say or do helps another person. Either being a recipe I teach on my. online platforms that really helps someone or giving advice to a friend that really needs support; these things give me true fulllfillment. This is why I love my youtube and instagram community. Something that to me might be “easy” for another person it might be insightful and very useful. Getting comments from my subscribers saying that a recipe changed their lives, that they’re no longer going to but “x” because they can now make it at home and they even like it better, makes me VERY happy!. Read more>>

Simone Angela Winkler | Portrait Artist

I’ve been through a lot in life. It is for this reason that I define happiness in very simple terms. Happiness to me means peace. It means being valued and being loved. It means having boundaries in place that disallow people who are not true to themselves into my circle. Happiness means saying no, but it more importantly means to dare to say yes to life, to fully live. to be courageous about seeking out exactly what it is that I need to thrive. Happiness to me means being me, unapologetically, because I am worth it. Read more>>

Tn Noelle

I had to learn a long time ago that happiness is a result of what is happening and once that thing is no longer happening, the happiness is gone. So although things like spending time with my husband, my day one, my bestfriend…spending time with God in the Word, watching sports, cleaning, writing music, baking and playing video games make me happy, I care more about joy. That’s something no. Read more>>

Clarisse Chua | Filmmaker, Writer & Story Artist

I worry a lot so I try to find happiness in little peaceful moments in life. When I have a cup of tea in the morning. When I pet my cats and they pur. When my partner laughs at my silly jokes. Watching a good film or playing a board game. When colleagues at work passionately talk about stories. Seeing people laugh. Such moments just make me feel full and content. Read more>>