We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Camille Roberts | Lighting Designer

I am grateful to have been raised in an environment where happiness and gratitude was abundant, and through my career and passions, I’ve been able to cultivate a life where that happiness continues to grow and flourish. Outside of my career, I find happiness in my friends and family, in my hobbies, and in the time that I set aside for myself to unwind, especially given how hectic and time consuming working in the entertainment industry can be. I also have the incredible privilege to feel happiness in my career, which is due not only to my amazing coworkers and colleagues, but also to the joy that I get from lighting design itself. I always knew that I wanted to work in the arts—my parents often remind me that I danced before I could even walk, and since then I have been finding outlets for the creativity that I carry with me every day. Read more>>

Lily Polstein | Sustainable Landscape Designer & Organic Edible Gardener

Being in the gardens I design and maintain make me the most happy. I enjoy watching each garden evolve over time. Every season brings new color palettes, smells, wildflowers and bugs. Agaves get bigger and the redwood planter boxes age beautifully. Read more>>

Tunisia Offray | Entrepreneur and lover of life

I believe happiness is a choice. We chose happiness. Happiness isn’t defined by perfection, or circumstance but we deliberately choose happiness and making happiness the foundation of our wellbeing . For me it was a journey to find my happy. In 2007 I lost my job use to the economic downturn during that time. From there I lost my home, my car, had to move back home to my parents with three school age children. We had NOTHING. I was the most unhappy I have been in a long time. All the things that defined my happiness in that moment in life were non existent. Read more>>

Steve Chieh-Wei Chiu | Composer, Violinist, Erhu Player, Music Educator

Couple things makes me happy in my life so far.

1. Music
Music is my life. I really can’t imagine what’s gonna happen if there is no music in my life.
Music is also my job, I am lucky that I get to do what I love for living. Always having that passion for music. It makes me happier, smarter, and healthier too. 2. People communication, learning, sharing, helping, supporting, working with people makes me happy. Especially in LA, you get the chance to meet up the diversity community/people. It’s something I feel so blessed. Read more>>

Kade Atwood | Commercial & Sketch Director

This has been an interesting evolution over the course of my career. In the beginning, it was the process. Being apart of the giant machine that is film production. No matter how small the role, you’re part of something larger than yourself. Everyone is engaged in making a unified product. The excitement I had only read about, I was finally experiencing it and it was enchanting! Like seeing the grandeur of the Great and Powerful Oz. But then you get to peak behind the curtain and witness some… not so great things. You start to realize maybe not everyone’s intentions are pure. And maybe these 12 hour days and over nights aren’t healthy. Some will argue that’s the cost of creating a cinematic masterpiece. But in the end, I became disenchanted with the politics and disregard for those working in “less important” positions. Read more>>

Kyle Hollingsworth | Artist & Creative Guide

ART. Sharing it with others and helping others to make it. Want to make me jump up and down like a happy little kid? Give me a day where I am painting alongside other creatives or leading a creative workshop. Slinging paint with wild abandon while encouraging others to find their most fully expressed voice through art. That makes me truly happy. There is something potent and magical about helping other people to express themselves creatively, about sharing ideas and techniques and just feeding off each other’s vibe. Finding a rhythm, a sense of flow, gives me such joy, and truly lights me up. There is a kind of alchemy in groups of people creating together. It’s magical. Read more>>