Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Ron Kamran | Producer & DJ

Being able to provide an escape for another individual in hopes of spreading happiness and developing a deep, emotional connection. This makes me happy because there have been other individuals who have done the same for me and it has given me the hope and inspiration to follow my own dream. Read more>>

Gary Wales | Multi Award Winning Actor & Film Producer

My Family, Friends & God. They are all there for me when ever I need a pick me up. When I ask for support they are always there for me. Read more>>

Sierra Bohnet | Artist/Producer/Songwriter

What makes me happy is experiencing life at its fullest. When I’m simply experiencing, I’m living in the moment without worry of the past or the future. Writing music, being in nature, and hanging out with my favorite people helps me do this. Read more>>

Patille Violeta | Reiki Healing Artist

Simple things and simple moments. Like sipping on a dandelion latte while watching the sunset. Kids being kids. Creating and nurturing community. The cathartic music playing in my ears. The present moment. Random acts of kindness. When strangers become friends. Adventures and experiences. Gift giving. A few years ago, I donated 70% of my belongings. I was shedding a layer of my identity and it felt appropriate to let go.. Each time I gave something away, I felt a sense of lightness. Releasing the burdens I had been carrying. Read more>>

ILIJA | Musician, Contemporary R&B Artist

Making music and sharing it with the world. Seeing other people connect to my music in any way is priceless. Also my family, friends, my dog and lots of coffee. Read more>>

Eduardo Rivera | Composer & Producer

I find that I’m happiest when I’ve completed a project – whether that be self-releasing music, producing an album, or writing music for a podcast/film/tv project. I think too often we fall victim to perfectionism or insecurity – two sides of the same coin, really. But it’s incredibly liberating to finally close a chapter on a song or project; breathe that sigh of relief and do it all over again. Read more>>