Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Tamika Lamison | Filmmaker, Writer, Director, Producer, Non-Profit Owner & Executive

When I think of what makes me happy, I always end up in the world of fulfilling my purpose and using my gifts and talents to make a difference in the world, which is also directly connected to service. My love of filmmaking and creating is part of this need to fulfill my purpose and make a difference. All roads lead to service and storytelling. And the best world of happiness is when I’m able to do both. I do both with Make A film Foundation, my non-profit which I Founded 10 years ago which grants wishes to children who have serious or life-threatening medical conditions by teaming them with noted writers, directors, actors and producers who help them to create short film legacies. I do it with the current film company I work with as a Producer and VP of Development. We have a double bottom line of Art Advocacy and commerce. I also do it as the Exec. Read more>>

Miller Duvall | President

Community. If you’re going to start a business, you’re going to be working way too much, so you better be around people who inspire you, who make you laugh, who are responsible, who have great taste in music… Those people can be your co-workers, your neighbors, or your customers. The important thing is that they provide you with a sense of human connection and, in some way, teach you, inspire you, and show how to be a better person. Read more>>

Sevag Mahserejian | Artist

I am happy when I am playful – And what better play than creating art – What better protest to reality, What better source of happiness. When I was a child waiting to blow out my birthday candles, I would, year after year, wish for happiness and love. It may seem silly that a seven year old boy would compress such vague and subjective values in his one and only wish, but it was even sillier to ignore the fact that another wish was just around the corner the year after. What if, these wishes we blew out did really come true? Then what would one truly wish for? As a seven-year-old boy, I could have easily asked for new hockey skates, a box of X-men comics, or a never-ending slice of mud-pie. However, as an adult faced with the same question, my response would remain the same. Read more>>

Sethward | Absurdist Comedian

Oh what a wonderful question, a truly reflective and important question we all need to ask ourselves frequently. I’ve been lucky to know what I wanted to do for a living at a very young age. Making people laugh has always brought me great happiness. And although this question isn’t directly asking this – performing and creating fleeting moments of happiness is what brings me great joy. The world, especially right now, can seem like a cesspool of pain and dread- great unhappiness. I take my career very seriously, to show people we don’t have to always be serious, that silliness is needed and hopefully that brings people laughter and smiles if even for just a brief spell. Read more>>