We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Xinjie Yin | Artist & Art Teacher

My family, my friends, my love, my work, my dog, they all make me happy. They give me strength, support, and encourage me all the time. They are like shield, protecting me against all the negativity in this complicated and tough world. For me, happiness is simple, it’s like going home after a busy and tiring day, and my dog is waiting for me at the doorway, excited and sincere. Like receiving appreciations from my students after I spent days struggling to prepare art lessons or paintings. Like when I was criticized by artists who has totally different opinions on art and became upset, my love, who never approved of snacks, would bring me strawberry cakes, a cup of Boba milk tea, and set my favorite song on air. Like this year, while I stayed in the U.S., my friends in my hometown always express their concerns for me. Like even if we could not have a regular Christmas party as usual because of the pandemic, I got to enjoy the Drive-Thru Christmas Light Show together with my family. What makes me happy is always the thing that we can easily find in our life; it’s love and contentment. Read more>>

Misty Marie | Actress & Plus Size Model

What makes me most happy is remembering all the things I’m grateful for. Sure, some days are better than others, but my perception of them determines wither it will positively or negatively affect me. Knowing that, I look at things that I’m grateful for and through that create happiness. I still want and strive for improvement in all aspects of my life, but I am grateful which allows me to create happiness in the present. Life it a journey. Read more>>

Rowena Villanueva | Pilates Instructor & Studio Owner

Spending time with my family outdoors makes me the happiest. I always call nature a nice reset for our happiness buckets. The city can get overwhelming at times, so a quick trip to nature will always do the trick. Add my husband and puppy into the mixture and that’s an extra full happiness bucket. Read more>>