We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Evan Griffith | CEO, Fire Tower Entertainment

After working in A&R (“Artists and Repertoire”) at both an independent artist management company and then a major label, I decided to take the plunge and start my own business, Fire Tower Entertainment. However, I could never do it alone. One of the most important decisions I’ve made is putting together an unstoppable team — that includes both my colleagues and the talent we represent. Ruth Nichols, Yuval Sorkin, and our entire artist roster are some of the hardest working folks in the business and they’re unbeatable because of it. Always putting music first, I’ve strived to create a community of both staff and clients that values art for art’s sake. This grassroots approach plays into why I named the company “Fire Tower Entertainment”: to reflect standing atop a fire tower, being the first to spot the next wild fire — in our case — emerging talent. This past year alone, my colleagues have brought us new artists and producers that have profoundly impacted and shaped our course as a company. Read more>>

Hillary Smith D.C., CCT | Integrative Doctor of Chiropractic Specializing in Thermography and Wellness

I never really made the decision to work for myself. First I choose the career that was my passion and calling. The opportunities in my profession dictated that I would be self employed. I enjoy working with other people and the encouragement from being on a team. Small business owners and self employed professionals have the responsibility of being self motivated and creative every day. I had the sole responsibility of continuing to evolve as the business environment changed. It can be a challenge, but at the end of the day, I was able to be true to myself and my integrity. I think this feeds back to the question of what contributed to my success. The basics for my practice beyond being educated and keeping current with advances in my field, have and continue to be honesty, show up, listen to your inner knowing. The public – your customers or patients – feel if you are sincere and if you have their best interests in your heart. Read more>>

Khara Pechtes | Experiential Events Planner

The single most important decision that I made that contributed to my success was being able to choose who I wanted to work with. I am able to create relationships that go beyond the business aspect as we both get to know each other better and align. Read more>>

Nathalie Basha | Digital Journalist and Reporter

I made the choice to fake it till I made it! And it served me well. When I was just beginning my journalism career, I didn’t have any actual experience to speak of, but I talked about myself, carried myself, and thought of myself as the journalist I *wanted to be* until everyone else saw me that way, too. If you do it with conviction, eventually you will manifest it into existence. Read more>>

Michael Galvan | Entrepreneur & Business Owner

The single most important decision to my success was to put away the notion of seeing how far I can get in business and just getting the job done! That one mental check had me take smarter, faster, riskier actions that got the job done. Read more>>