Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Maggie Michella | Art Director

I’m happy when I find new and interesting things. It varies from clothing, objects, sites, music, movies, books, and even people. I’m pumped whenever I want to get to know more about something or someone. I’ve visited underground museums, book signings, unexpected house tours that transport my creativity elsewhere. Read more>>

Carmela Segal | Painter & Actress

Friends and family are a huge part in making me feel the best. They inspire me and motivate me to keep going and pursue my art. I’m also always so happy when I finally finish a painting I’ve been working months on or finish a YouTube video that took a while to edit. Side note-I get so happy when my plants grow new leaves, it’s also the little things in life. Read more>>

Kazuki Takizawa | Glass Artist & Glasswork Owner

As an artist who lives with bipolar disorder, I think about this question a lot. Being in control of my mental wellness and maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle definitely is my highest contributing factor to my daily happiness. In addition to this, I keep in close contact with my wonderful support system of family and friends and try not to take things too seriously when I am having racing thoughts. Living with this condition that makes me prone to having the highs and the lows, I habitually do research regarding this mental illness and try to stay on top of what is expected to happen. Read more>>

Sandy Rodriguez | Bilingual Communications Expert

Even small things make me happy. I try to approach every single pleasant experience, such as a nice meal at a restaurant or a quick text from people I love, almost with reverence, as if encountering them for the last time. Life as we know it can be upended at any time, so it’s important to fully savor the good things when we can, and while we can. Read more>>

Madison Sky | Artist & Entrepreneur

Living my life as consistent as I can with my personal values makes me happy. In addition to that, helping others live their truest and most authentic version of their own life brings me great joy. This can be really challenging in a culture where we are constantly feeling the pressure of what we should do, who we need to be to be respected, and what number we need in our bank account to be considered a successful and responsible adult. Have you ever noticed the people who seem to be the happiest and who also have the healthiest relationships are the most authentic? Read more>>

Carla Dauden | Filmmaker

I’m happy when I have a healthy balance between my professional and personal life – and when the work I’m doing means something to me and the people involved. I can’t help but mention Hitchcock’s definition of happiness: a clear horizon. I share that vision, and I think I’m truly happy when the path ahead is clear and I can devote my time and energy to the things and people that matter to me. As to why – I think the older I get, the more I value my time here and the quality of my everyday life. Read more>>

Shirin Nahvi | Creative Producer

Cleanliness. Allow me to explain. While your initial thought about cleanliness may be tidying around the house, I mean it in regards to every aspect of life. A clean space, mind, design, and outfits all contribute to my happiness. I think more clearly and feel relaxed in an organized and clutter-free living area or workspace. Listening to music frees my mind, whereas meditation and exercise allow me to put in work to actively achieve mental clarity and boost endorphins. Read more>>

Samantha Moore | Photographer

There are many things that make me happy, but the thing that makes me the happiest is when I’m holding my camera and I am in my own little world shooting. Art has always been what makes me happy, whether I am creating or just gazing upon a photograph, painting, etc. I decided when I was little that I wanted to create art that people would one day gaze upon and make them feel something, maybe inspire them or want to hang it up in their home. What makes me happy about photography, is there is no limit, there is no right or wrong. Read more>>

Adam Ullberg | Reiki Master & Producer

What makes me happy has been something that has changed over time and I often wonder if that will continue to be the case. It’s odd how there can be such a simplicity to it, yet incredibly complex. Looking back to my childhood there were things that made me happy like sports, hanging out with friends, going on trips with family and doing well in school. I’m sure a lot of people can relate and may even feel the same way. But as I got older, I realized that much of my happiness depended on the happiness of others. Read more>>

Noel Daganta | Published Photographer & Filmmaker

What makes me happy is being free and able to do what I want to do; using my talent to have a positive impact on other people. I always believe that we are given a special talent and a set of skills for a reason. It is our responsibility to share that talent with the world and hopefully make a difference. Read more>>

Christi McDaniel | Youth Motivator & Business Consultant

What makes me happy is the joy I bring to people when I assist them in whatever capacity that may be. I am not a person that thrives off of my own success and the things that I have accomplished, but I am a person that thrives off the joy I bring to others. A lot of people in the world we live in have specific agendas and things they want to accomplish for self and that is great, however, when it comes to Christi McDaniel, my thrive and happiness is based on others. Read more>>

Jack Witt | Fitness Coach & Group Adventure Travel Specialist

For me it’s always been experiences that make me happy. Studies show that material possessions don’t really make people nearly as happy as positive experiences. Like-minded people to share experiences with is key. It’s what drives me to providing hand-crafted small group travel experiences with Active World Journeys. I’ve had opportunities to make more money in jobs/industries that for me wouldn’t give me as much fulfillment or purpose, and since both of those factors are closely correlated to the measure of happiness. Read more>>

Shelly Kim | Lettering Artist, Educator, Author & Podcast

Creating art makes me the most happiest. When I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, I like to pause and take time to just create anything. Sometimes, I’ll get some art supplies, hand letter positive quotes or paint away. On other days, I will create something digitally or create content for social media and my website. Read more>>

Leah Olbrich | #HashtagAnatomy Creator

I find that I am most happy when I am able to authentically be myself. While I have been a visually expressive “individual” for most of my life, it took well into adulthood to include the power of my voice into this equation. It takes courage to share your thoughts and speak your mind. I am much happier now, feeling more confident with this aspect of myself. Learning to embrace how to be your own creative, quirky, funny, silly, opinionated, unique person is one of the most empowering things you can do. This is made even better by, also, supporting others in finding their own creative selves and voices. Read more>>

Oula Oussi | Fashion Designer

What makes me happy is fashion.I’ve always used my creativity to pull myself out of tough times.it’s great to do what you love this is really one happiest times for me. I am actually quite happy now designing for myself and for other brands. I guess being a designer is a very creative opportunity to turn a simple sketch into reality-to create “something from nothing”. As the saying goes,the fashion industry is built on the stuff of dreams. Fashion can reflect who I am.it’s another way to communicate. Read more>>

KJ Rose | Artist Development & Performance Expert

I’m most happy when I’m encouraging artists to rediscover their light and push beyond their comfort zone. Read more>>

Angela Lee | Calligraphy & Design

The greatest happiness to me comes when I’m doing what I love to do, which is calligraphy. During this moment, my mind is in a place of peace and tranquil. I started doing calligraphy just because I love it so much. I remember very clearly from the beginning. There was no easy path, but to practice a lot. Even through many countless days of practice, I never felt unhappy of the slow progress. I was more excited to try again and again. I’m so glad I never gave up because today I’m the happiest doing calligraphy for a living. I get to wake up everyday and do what I love to do. Read more>>

Sandra Low | Visual Artist

Ears: Listening to Depeche Mode makes me happy because you can be angsty and dance at the same time. Nose: The smell of moss sold in craft stores, because it whispers dark, damp, earth secrets that I know nothing about. Eyes and Brain: Making things makes me happy because it makes me feel like I exist in this world and that I’m magic! I grew up pretty sheltered and science fiction and fantasy entertainment offered up the most extreme escape from my reality. My overheated imagination enjoys the visual and conceptual possibilities. Read more>>

Lena Khouri | Entrepreneur

In my career, I’m happiest when I’m working on projects that fulfill my purpose. Once I identified my purpose, it made it easier for me to only do the type of work that allows me to live my purpose. For me, it’s to inspire industries and communities to make a positive global impact. Within that, I’ve identified two areas that I care deeply about so all of my work fall under one of those two. It makes me feel like I’m contributing to a larger mission and that gets me excited every day. Read more>>

Nicole Adams | Hair Stylists

My career makes me happy.  Hair is my art and my creative outlet. I love what I do, and the connections I have with my clients/friends and peers. I’m so happy behind the chair, doin hair. And out of the studio; health/fitness, plants, travel, and more hair education of course. Read more>>