How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

De’ | Singer/Songwriter

I think of risk taking as being a form of courage and facing the fear of uncertainty to attain a goal. No matter what may occur, or what the outcome may be ,you are always prepared for the possibility of failure.Throughout my journey as an artist, risk always seemed to be something I had to face “regardless of fears”. I learned that if you don’t try, you’ll always wonder what if and developing that skill has been an important part of my journey to better build my character and achieve my goal. Read more>>

TERESA BRACAMONTE | Oil painter & Photographer

Over time, I have permanently taken risks that have defined my life.
I think that in general we artists live in constant risk. In the uncertainty of not being in control of anything. That is why an artist must have a lot of inner strength. I have always chosen to get out of my comfort zone to meet new challenges. Although I studied plastic arts and nowadays I am basically dedicated to painting, during the previous 7 years I only did photography. All my projects involved risks because they dealt with people and urban areas marginalized from society. Many places were dangerous and even forbidden to the public. Read more>>

Alicia Hale | Live Wedding Painte

I have always been intimidated with taking risks, even though they have been the one consistent element that has helped me reach my goals. Recently, I have learned that if it scares you, it’s probably worth doing. Most of the time a risk seems like a huge step that’s almost impossible, but in reality, it takes many little steps to get there. So I focus on those little steps and before I know it, I look back at my trail and see how far I have gone. I believe there is much power in writing down goals. I realized that I had been writing down the same goal in a notebook year after year. Read more>>

Kim Gordon | Interior Designer. Home Builder.

I have what I like to think of as a pretty healthy relationship with Risk. I know her well. I know she’s related to both Success and Failure. The thing about Risk, for me, is that I feel like it is an absolute necessity to anything we do. Literally you are taking a risk by driving to work, by going on a first date, by having a baby, by changing your job, by selling your Dungeons and Dragons collection on eBay. I do not hesitate around the concept of Risk and am not sold on the outcomes because I am seasoned enough to know that once you jump in it can lead you to places you didn’t expect. Thus Success and Failure are almost the same.. That said, taking that initial step into the unknown will require some work. Read more>>

Shakesha Williams | Executive Producer, Award-winning Screenwriter

Elizabeth Gilbert says if you don’t know your passion, follow your curiosity. Risks have shown up in my life as curiosity. I believe that taking risks require a leap of faith. I have followed my curiosity time and again. I didn’t know what the end was going to be, but I tried any way. I believe that taking risks makes life and my business worth it. I’m not saying that I wasn’t afraid that would fail. When I started my business, or executive produced my film, or started my podcast, I was scared out of my mind. I am the most fearless scared person I know. Some of my biggest career moments began with me following my curiosity. Someone else may have thought about a million reasons not to move forward. I did but went ahead and did it any way. Read more>>

Connor Culhane | Artist and Founder of Culhane Home

My attitude on risk has evolved throughout my 27 years on this planet. I started with a conservative and risk-averse mindset, The experiences I have been afforded have opened my eyes to changing that stance. As a child I grew up playing inline hockey. I distinctly remember objecting to the idea of having our goalie removed in favor of an extra attacker when in need of a late game-tying goal. That seemed like the most ridiculous idea as our goalie was a key factor in our success, acting as a safety net when we performed poorly. Read more>>

Grace Kim | Travel Blogger & Photographer

Risk is scary. It’s uncomfortable. It’s unreliable. Risk is subjective. But risk is one of those things where if you don’t take it, you’ll constantly be wondering the ‘what if’s’ in life. It’s important to calculate risk and if possible, always have a plan B. But I also believe that having a plan B to fall back on is privilege. Not everyone has the same opportunities and resources if their risky plans don’t fall into place, but it’s not impossible to build up to secondary plans. I willingly took the biggest risk in my life to pursue my dreams of exploring the world through photography. This risk consisted of quitting my job, leaving comfort, losing friends, letting go of financial security, and not being close to family. Unsure of how things would turn out, I chose discomfort because I was curious about a life that seemed impossible to reach within my current lifestyle. Read more>>

Seena Akita | Social Media Guru, Music Marketing & On-Camera Talent

I get a lot of people ask how I ended up working in the music industry here in LA and it really all started from taking a risk on myself. To me, it never felt risky, but packing up a moving truck alone and driving out to LA with no job, no friends or family here, and a few hundred bucks in my pocket is what most would consider a pretty big risk. To think about how that one decision changed the course of my whole life and career is wild! Who knows if I would have ended up landing an on-air gig on one of LA’s top radio stations, or working on the management team for one of the world’s biggest artists had I not. Read more>>

Erin Kobrin | Wardrobe Stylist + Creative Consultant

Taking risks is a part of being an artist. You don’t get anywhere without putting your art and yourself out there. Getting over the fear of rejection, judgement, etc, that goes along with risks can be hard, but it’s absolutely necessary. I was offered an entry level job at a luxury retail brand while in college. I decided that leaving college and dedicating myself, to working my way up in the company, would be the best way to learn and gain experience. Some of my most fruitful connections have come from just reaching out to artists I admire. It feels like a risk, but you have nothing to lose except maybe bruising to your ego, by cold calling people in your industry. Read more>>

Qishanda La’ree | Actress & Yoga Instructor

Takes a deep breath…I think about risk as the thing that is in between me & want I want. Yeah, that it. For example, when I wanted to lose weight after college (freshman fifteen, ok thirty) I didn’t know anything about living a healthy lifestyle, like zero…I’m talking fried everything, sodas, chips etc. Seeing what I wanted was easy but the thing that was in between me and what I wanted was the risk. Oh, btw what I wanted was Teyona Taylor abs in a crop top, simple…not. The risk of becoming a new person, the type of person that would wake up like that daily. To do this I had to change my… in the words of a previous mentor, Garrain Jones, “change your mindset, change your life”. That means working from the inside out, which is not always easy & or pretty. Read more>>

Cyril Meyer | Actor, Writer & Producer

I believe taking risks effectively is fundamental to living a life full of fulfillment. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I grew up on a farm on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, and now at 27, I live in LA as an actor, writer, producer – this didn’t just happen, I made it happen. I believe I should be ambitious in life because even if I miss my goal I will end up somewhere else. I look forward to when I’m older and looking back at my life, telling stories of the colorful risks I took and the ups and downs that resulted. I believe the number one component to effective risk-taking is trust, in other parties of course, but mostly in myself, that whatever the result is will be embraced with a positive attitude. My most invaluable lessons learned have come from taking big risks, whether the goal was achieved or a different outcome was reached, each situation I look for what I can learn from the experience, and become better and better. Read more>>

Matthew Rivera | Publicist & Actor

I think risk has always been the foundation of my work. I have always struggled from wanting to do everything all at once. It could be my self/undiagnosed ADHD, or my overly ambitious nature, or my general impatience for things to happen or come together, but I have dabbled in many different hobbies and career to see which one would happen first. I was told once, “Oh honey, you can’t do everything”. At the time I found that to be incredibly insulting, because I thought, “how dare you”? But as I matured I found that you have to really hone in and focus on one or two particular things to really foster those skills to create a career. Read more>>

Ashley Michel | Ashley Michel | Self-taught Indigenous Artist & Entrepreneur

I never thought I was much of a risk taker until I had no choice. For the past 4 years, I have been a single mother and full-time student. My business has always been part-time and has gotten me by while in school. In 2019, I was mainly focused on creating hand-made garments worn to Pow-wows and many other events. Then Covid hit which meant that there was no more gatherings and events where my garments could be worn and purchased. My only source of income was no longer going to be able to get us by. I panicked. As a single mom, how was I going to provide for my child and myself? Read more>>

Gabriella Paredes Meza | Special effects & Make up artist

As a make up and special effects artist, the people may think , there’s not much risk in this carreer . But if you wanna be successful, as in life…you need to make decisions and of course take some risks. But thats part of the fun . Read more>>