We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Kandis Golden: Writer/Director/Golden Girl

The number one thing most people are unaware of is how much time and energy going into creating various projects. Audiences will go to a movie, consume it in an hour and a half, but not realize, films take years to develop and produce, there are so many moving parts! Read more>>

Tenley Clark: Commercial Photographer & Creative Content Creator

People assume that all we have to do for our job is take pictures, but far more of our job is spent on business tasks behind a computer than actually shooting. While creativity and talent is certainly important to a career as a photographer, you can’t really succeed without the business side so it’s important to focus just as much energy on learning that part of things if you want to get into this field. Read more>>

Anamaria Davila: Business Owner & Sales Coordinator

There is little to no Latinx representation in the Gift Industry. There are almost no POC making decisions when it comes to what items will be hitting the shelves at your favorite store next season. While companies are getting push back for lack of representation, the people actually purchasing these products are still White. Read more>>

Sandie Cheng: Writer, Producer, Actor

While I understand why creators and artists shun the traditional 9-5 and corporate lifestyle, I think the creative industry, as it currently is, does not operate so differently from those constraints.  Read more>>

Gerran Reese: Dancer, Choreographer

That it’s the most disciplined craft! It takes years to truly master & dedication. The journey of it all is the true success. Read more>>

Lisa J Haddad: Founder/President HIGHNMIGHTY Cannabis Topicals & Consumables

My goal as a fit, and physically active woman and mother in the cannabis industry, is to change the perception of what the cannabis consumer might look like. Most outsiders, unfamiliar with cannabis, continue to hold stereotypes and misconceptions about this miracle plant, having little information about the mental and physical resource it offers. Read more>>

Nichole Blackburn Manthe: Fine Artist and Muralist

One thing about my industry that outsiders are probably unaware of is how much planning goes into each painting. What everyone sees is the final piece – even watching a time lapse of a mural can look effortless to paint Read more>>