We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Justin Nichols | Dentist, Business Owner, Christ Follower

Dentistry has a bad reputation, let’s face it. What most people don’t realize about our industry however is how much we care about our patients. Not ALL dentists want to make a quick buck. Most of us have spent our entire lives dedicated to learning how to care for patients optimally. That desire doesn’t go out the window when presented with financial opportunities. Read more>>

Thelma T. Reyna | National award-winning author, editor, and indie literary book publisher

For an indie, or micro-indie literary book press like mine–the intense attention to detail and multiple skills that are required to produce a high-quality book. Most authors of necessity focus on the CONTENT of the book (correctness, flow, beauty. e.g.) and are possibly unaware of the many other duties intertwined with bringing their work to the light of day. Lacking a staff of experts in the different areas crucial to book production (interior book designers, editors, galley proofreaders, cover designers, graphic artists, marketing, orders fulfillment, e.g.), indie publishers either do it all or almost all themselves, use volunteers or family members, possibly use college interns, and/or farm out specific aspects to hired assistants as needed. Read more>>

London Wilmot | Athlete + Celebrity Stylist

Everyone thinks styling is easy, a fun job, it definitely takes hard work, dedication and resilience. Read more>>

Arlana | Independent Neo-Soul Artist

The music industry is very multi-faceted. I think most people think that singers/ artists only have to look pretty and sound good, but there’s a lot more to being a well-rounded artist than people think. Everything from copyrights and work for hire contracts to scheduling recording time and the writing/ producing/ mixing process can take years to even begin to understand and navigate effectively. Read more>>

Hutch Siegen | Actor

Just how much time and effort goes into auditioning. I spend a lot of time working on my auditions. I have been blessed to get a number of call backs and booked a few things this past year. I am really grateful for that. But you have to be really patient as well. Read more>>

Opris | Independent Musician

There are a massive amount of amazing musicians out there who don’t market their music well and don’t get that “Deus ex-machina” of viral notice but are still very much worth your listen. To break through takes grasping the reigns of market forces, optics, good timing, and a dash of luck and connections. Some people’s motivations aren’t in line with those forces, and you can really find some great gems in the rough of your local small venues. There is usually a cool DIY scene in your city. Go check it out! Read more>>

Rosarium Films | Spirited, Raw, Triumphant Films

The extraordinary courage and willpower it takes to make a film. The audience gets to sit back with popcorn and enjoy the film, and afterwards they casually (or not so casually!) discuss the film and judge it according to their preferences and tastes. But for the film maker, it takes tremendous sacrifice, suffering and throwing yourself out there to be humiliated, shamed, ignored and rejected on a daily basis. Read more>>

Cheryl Sutherland | Inspirational Speaker and Founder of PleaseNotes Goods

The representation of people of color in the wellness space has huge amounts of room for improvement. Oftentimes when creating panels and events, the facilitators and event organizers don’t necessarily think out of the normal archetype or mold of the stereotypical wellness person, leading to all White panels, and all White events. In not actively putting in the effort to include other communities, they often unintentionally, are telling these communities that this space isn’t for them. By getting out of their current circle of influence and tapping into these different communities, they are not only supporting the representation that changes the archetype of a wellness facilitator, and allow for new ideas and perspectives that enrich the sessions that they are curating for their attendees. Read more>>