Starting a business is often a life-altering decision.  It can affect you in so many ways beyond just financially.  We asked some of the smartest entrepreneurs we know about their thought-process around starting their own businesses.

Lesly Lynch | Film Producer & Director

I always have been an innovator. Being a child, I used to see everything through the lens of possibilities, building tree house even though I didn’t have the proper tools to do so, imagining new stories in my utopian world. I always use my creative power to solve problems, either they are day to day hustles, work related or more grounded challenges. Progress happens when you dream up new and improved way of doing things! Read more>>

Seika Chanel Simon | Master Hair Stylist

I knew it was the right decision to start my own business when I always seemed to fall into leadership roles in past job positions. My thought process behind starting my business was that of accountability. I find that today, there is little to no self-accountability in most aspects of life, especially in work environments. It is so easy to “pass the buck” and not take any responsibility for one’s choices and actions. As a sole proprietor/self-employed hair stylist, I am the one holding myself accountable. Read more>>

Too Zen | Visual Artist & Entrepreneur

I decided to start taking my art seriously in November of 2018. I was experiencing a lot of post-grad depression, since graduating college that June. I went abroad for 3 weeks after graduating, and came back with no money. So I had to take any jobs I could find since I’ve been supporting myself since I turned 18. I would cry while pouring sauces at a burger joint because I felt like my undergraduate success was all for nothing. Read more>>

Choice Skinner | Acting Coach, Filmmaker & Actor

At the time that I started my production company and the Breakin Through Acting Workshop, there were not many community centered businesses or organizations which focused on the care and protection as well as fast instruction for diverse groups of actors. I realized that I could offer more by working outside of the Hollywood norm by creating an environment where actors would become productive, learn without pressure, and be proactive by creating their OWN content. Read more>>

MARKO GRUJIC | Film Director

I wanted to start my own company for some time now. I’ve been freelancing for a few years and alongside of my directing work and films, I have also done many corporate videos for different companies. For those corporate videos I don’t use my name. For me, it’s not a work of authorship, telling of a story. It serves a totally different purpose. That was one of the reasons I wanted to open up a company and have the company name on those projects. Also, the films and music videos that I do, I co produce. Read more>>

Angie Myers | CEO of The Original My Buddy Towel

I knew I had a great idea for a useful product and I was excited to share it with others. Read more>>

Lesley Reyes | Makeup Artist & Esthetician

I am a hard worker and everywhere I have worked, I give it my all and I always wanted everything to meet the expectation of what was expected by my bosses, but then I realized I was providing all of this for others and needed to channel all that time, energy, and ideas into myself and what I wanted to do. I got a part time bartending job to keep afloat while I prepared my makeup business and pushed through the first few years while I was starting to get established. Read more>>

Sheila LaCivita | CEO in the legal field

I was working in a lawfirm in the last recession. Payroll was cut across the board. I was a single mom, so I became desperate. So my current business was born from the last recession. It eventually became a 7 figure business. I am a believer that good things always come from bad situations. Right now we are in a bad situation. Read more>>