So many of the folks we work with have multidimensional stories. They often aren’t just working on a single project, business or mission – instead they are often involved in so many things all at once and so we often wonder about what they themselves hope their legacy will be about. We’ve shared some of their responses with you below.

LynZ Wells | Singer/Songwriter/Rapper

Honestly this question was an easy one for me just because of a song I just wrote and a message I got from someone near and dear to my heart before I released it that was just one of those crazy synchronicities. My new song that just came out is called Free and it’s a song about just that. I want people to know that it is important to find out what your truth is, know it and be able to speak it! Often times I think a lot of things can distract people from their inner truth, intuition and beliefs. Read more>>

CJ Thompson | Singer, Songwriter & Producer

My legacy…is something I’ve never thought about. The first thing that comes to mind about legacy is a question. Did I fulfill what God wanted for my life? What I mean by that is asking myself did my purpose and my passion align enough to affect as many as people I could while on this earth. 1 Peter 4:10 says: “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” Read more>>

Zedra Slaton | Trap Babies Designer & Street Artist

I want to be remembered as a creative soul, a hard worker, the girl who’s in tune with her childhood! The girl who’s energy is impeccable that when you see me all you can do is smile and get excited to be in my presence ! I want my legacy to be that I cared about myself , my friends and family, the people around me and just those whom I interact with on a daily basis. Read more>>

Jana Bunge | Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist

A legacy… a lasting impact on the world – a gift passed down through generations: money, property, or even life stories spoken or written to be remembered forever. It is about the richness of the individual’s life, what that person accomplished and the impact he or she had on people and places. The story of each person’s life reflects and creates their legacy. Read more>>