We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Nancy Schier | Fine Artist and Designer

Finding out my “why?” is what keeps me motivated and especially excited. Understanding the impact my artwork and apparel make on Individuals also gives me a sense of purpose, filling my heart with blissfulness. Most importantly I now do it because I love it, I’m passionate and not because I am trying to fulfill someone else’s vision, or a trend. It’s all about my world, my travels the music I enjoy, my fascinations or curiosities. It’s a window to my soul. Read more>>

Emily Craven | CEO & Founder of Story City

Success rarely comes from the path most travelled, so when an opportunity outside that path turns up, diversify your skillset, and take it. The genesis of Story City came from a time when I was trying to build a career for myself as a writer. The standard path was to write as many books and short stories as you could, submit them to multiple competitions and publishers, and wait to be picked. Write enough, do enough courses, network enough, and you could build a semi-okay career as a writer – maybe in 20 years make a living off of it. Read more>>

Marcus Segal | Chief Executive Officer and Mentor

Early on in my career I decided that I would learn about management and strive to put my People first. Of course I want to make my investors and employees money too, but not at all costs. At every job I have ever had, I look to partner with my teammates to create and maintain a dynamic work environment where they can do the best work of their lives and grow professionally and personally in the process. The result of this commitment has been beautiful products made by happy employees who stick around for years. Read more>>

Eric Weingrad | Entrepreneur & Pediatric Brain Injury Advocate

I decided to invest in myself instead of waiting for someone to validate my idea. That decision allowed me to move forward with my project and get it out of the ‘idea phase” and into reality. Had I waited for someone to believe my idea of an online platform for impaired individuals and caregivers to connect was worthy, would work or was even necessary, I might not have ever started my company, IHSSconnect.com. Now, not only has my company successfully launched but I remain in control of the direction my company moves along with my two partners. While I understand that investing in yourself isn’t always practical, I believe the more control you keep in your company, the more your vision will come to fruition. Believe in your idea so much that you’re willing to put your own money on the line. Read more>>

Michelle Sieg | Pant Ceramicist

Deciding not to take things personally. I’ve been hired and fired and hired again. Quit. Laid off. All the things. And I learned that all those “fails” weren’t actually failures at all. Just defining moments that shifted my path and took me in another direction. I was never meant to be at ANY full-time job. Always meant to work for myself. Here I am. Read more>>