We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Lee Strawberry | Digital Content Creator & Illustrator

I believe that research, planning, and observation has contributed to my success the most. When I started doing what I do, it felt like i was in a grey cloud of confusion. I had so many questions and felt like I wasn’t capable or ready at all. Although it was stressful at first, I slowly got all my questions answered through reading articles, watching videos, and asking my online friends on how to do things. I’m always in the process of learning new things, whether it be how to run my business better, or how to improve my artistic skill. It’s really important to keep learning and asking questions, to help inform future decisions. Read more>>

Chinwendu Kelechi | Multi-dimensional artist

Other than deciding to work for myself, the single most important decision I made that contributed and still contributes to my success is deciding to show up everyday and do my best to grow my business in the best possible ways. Read more>>

Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV | Music Artist – Filmmaker

Other than deciding to work for yourself, the single most important decision I made was to love myself. I had to learn how to love me. Doing the actual work as a man…. coming to terms with all of me, loving myself… flaws and all has contributed to my success as being authentic and real as possible. Read more>>

Jai Bhatt | Innovator & Web Architecture

I never wanted to take permission to take leave from work, hence I created my own business so never have to ask anyone for any permission Read more>>

Elvia Peña Savage | Artist / Abstract Painter

The most important decision that I made that contributed to my success, was do what I love doing the most, art ( paint). Read more>>

Ashley Miller | Business Owner, Esthetician, Mom

I think that the opportunity to work for myself was more the result of a series of events. It was a God shot really, one in a million opportunity. Origin story is pretty sad but like many, I spent a lot of my pre-mom years pretty lost. Raised in unhealthy environments, family problems, addiction chaos, and no real direction to know or grow into better. So I made a ton of really bad choice forever comfortable in that chaos up until my late 20’s. Even through a rough childhood and past, I had a lot of creativity it was my escape, and came extremely natural to me. I worked in professional makeup for years, first as an artist them climbed quickly to do studio and print work all over L.A, an abundance of crazy call times and moving everywhere, no roots, cares or healthy habits. Read more>>