We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Vish Chatterji | Business and WellBeing Coach & Author

I disagree with “Just Let Go and Trust the Universe, Everything will work out the way it is supposed to.” I have been studying the Yoga and Vedic traditions of ancient India for the past 20 years, and though this piece of advice is useful, as with many things in the West, it has been taken out of context, and removed from its broader meaning. As a Coach that combines Western Management approaches with Eastern Vedic philosophy, I believe the best way to find success in life, is to set clear goals and visions, that are aligned with your innate talents and skills. So first we do some “brain” level work, to get really clear on what we want out of life or work. Then we put a solid plan into place – THEN, once that is done, we let go, and let the universe handle the details. i.e. set a clear intention, but then don’t get obsessed in micromanaging the details. Read more>>

Conrad Mar | Business Owner & Creative Director

“Just do what you love, and the money will follow.” I’ll lead off with I’m extremely supportive of anyone that wants to pursue a dream and passion because that’s what led me here, but I think it’s important to either add some to that or not say it at all. The idea of it is great but the reality of it isn’t so easy. It’s almost like seeing an ad on social saying “Quit your job in 3 months and be making $10k/mo.” or “Here’s how to make $1mm in revenue a year, you just need XX people paying this at $XX…” It gives any hopeful business owner a false idea on how hard building a business is. You can pursue what you love but in order for that money to follow, you’ll need to develop as a person to better understand how your passion fits into its respective industry while navigating it. Read more>>

David J. Crewe | Commercial Photographer & Creative Director

With so much educational material available online, the old mentality of having to go to school to get work in a field like photography is quite antiquated. It made sense in the film days, and pre-internet, but with so much education available for free on sites like youtube and specialty sites like SLR Lounge, Fstoppers, and Photofocus, the only thing you need to do is practice! I’m not saying that it’s a total waste, because you will learn a LOT, but if you look at the market and who’s doing most of the work out there these days, and it’s typically self-taught artists who have a unique eye and vision. The only real benefit to attending these schools is the network you come out of them with that’ll definitely lead you to more commercial work and/or gallery opportunities. Read more>>

Mroeiles Allen | Voice Actor & TikTok Influencer

“Follow Your Dreams”- This is one of the most overused trope in our cultures. It often signifies someone’s self-seeking idealized career and lifestyle that they have placed in their mind as “the ultimate” thing to which they must sacrifice anything and everything to achieve. And if they don’t meet they’re unrealistic expectations they are often left feeling deflated, dejected and wanting… Might I suggest a new perspective. Several months ago, I was in that space of feeling deflated from unmet expectations in life. I wanted to do/be X/Y/Z in the entertainment industry and felt no closer to achieving it then when I had moved to LA 8 years prior. Then Covid hit, and I was left unemployed and with a lot of time on my hands. So, I decided to do the next logical step for any guy about to turn 30… I downloaded TikTok! Read more>>

Adi Rao | Singer/Songwriter, Strategy & Marketing Consultant

“Go with the flow.” I almost get an allergic reaction when I’m given that advice. I’ve been blessed to be presented with out of the box opportunities that most first-generation immigrant parents & family members would turn away from, pretty immediately. Read more>>