We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Will Evans | Social Media Mogul

The most successful people are often the least popular. Fame is not an actual metric for success. I have met people that had more notoriety than me that are often less successful. Many people are charming, charismatic, and witty in front of the camera but lack the depth necessary to monetize those qualities when the cameras are off. Read more>>

Phillip Hua | Artist

What people don’t know about the art world is the depth to which the career of an artist is so varied and multifaceted. There are many ways to solve for X, with X equaling the career path that the artist chooses (or discovers) for themselves. It is a true Wild, Wild West. Read more>>

Darrin Barber | Comedic Actor

The amount of rejection you receive. You have to have grit and tough skin like a Rhino. Keep it moving forward always Read more>>

P.O. Breezy | Rapper

The time and patience that goes into it. How much comes out of your pocket and how little comes back. It’s a lot of sacrifice but being optimistic and creative will make it all worth it. Read more>>

Tran(g) Trinh-Byrd | State Farm Agent

Being a State Farm Agent, people think all we do is car and homeowners insurance but we do so much more. My career allows me to help customers evaluate and mitigate risk and plan for financial security. As an active member of my community, I also pay it forward through charitable work and acts of kindness. Read more>>

Andrea Mendez | Custom Wedding/Event Stationery + Signage + Details

My career specializing in custom wedding/event stationery and signage places me in a special niche where the graphic design industry and wedding/event industry collide. These two worlds allow me to marry (no pun intended) my art, creativity and passion for telling people’s stories. Read more>>

Emani Haynes | HD Parts Specialist & Hair Vendor

One thing about the hair/retail industry that outsiders are unaware of is how hard it is to find the perfect vendors, and how slow business can be sometimes. Read more>>

Ashley Mcentee | Skincare Creator & CEO of MATCHA MCENTEA

As I formulated MATCHA MCENTEA, I applied my love for matcha and the knowledge of its nutritional value to create a non-toxic skincare line. Most consumers don’t know that when you drink matcha, you get 100% of the nutrients, including vitamins, fiber, and 137 times the antioxidants compared to a regular cup of green tea. Read more>>