We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Oksana Kolesnikova | Artist, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur & Franchisor

The Franchising industry, while not a guaranteed path to success, does offer many more advantages than if we were to start your business from scratch. Franchisees have greater chances of success because they run a proven business model. They don’t need to waste years or even decades of trials and errors, they can save in costly mistakes since the Franchisors have gone through those paths and figured out the winning formula. Read more>>

Claudia Muehlenweg | Holistic Vision Improvement Coach & Yoga Tune Up® Teacher

The unusual aspect of my “industry” is that 99% of people don’t even know it exists! That number is not an actual statistic. It’s meant to say that almost no one out there has ever heard of the possibility of improving one’s eyesight naturally. Most people believe that the only way to see clearly when your eyesight is not perfect is wearing glasses or contacts or undergoing risky surgery such as Lasik. And none of those actually improve your eyesight! Almost every potential client I speak to agrees that those bandaids made their vision worse long term. I like to compare to breaking an arm. Imagine you are going to the doctor and after they put the cast on they tell you “Hey, good news, we fixed your broken arm! This will help your bones connect properly. And if it feels uncomfortable, don’t worry! Read more>>

Page Nazarian | CEO

How similar the hardwood flooring industry is to the diamond industry. There are so many differing factors that make one hardwood floor different than the other like: – grade of wood (how many knots) – type of wood (hardness does not always equate cost. How rare and how clean the lumber traditionally comes is a bigger factor) – top layer of wood (how many sandings) – width of planks – length of planks – type of cut (plain sawn, euro cut, rift cut, quartersawn cut) – type of stain – type of finish. Read more>>

Ryan Stanbury | Tennis Coach

It might come as a surprise to outsiders that tennis is more than just a physical sport. While I recognize that it is a physical game, my experience with it, and what I try to convey to my clients is that it actually is so much more. Tennis is a mental and spiritual practice. It can lead to self discovery. It’s a form of therapy. The growth one will undergo by stepping out onto the court will be transformational on many levels. Tennis requires you to face your fears and reconcile your insecurities. You only have yourself to rely on when you’re on the court. It strengthens your bond with yourself and teaches you to react with intention. It teaches you to listen to your body and observe your thoughts. It is a cerebral game, and I’ve found that through my own meditation and yoga practice, I have been able to elevate both my teaching and playing abilities. Read more>>

Sam Trude | Co-Founder & Owner

People often say to me when I tell them I’m in the hospitality business; “you must be so busy, are you always at the restaurant? How to deal with working nights all the time?” My response is, initially yes, I was there a lot and that is important in order to understand all the moving pieces and pressure points from each position and area of the business, but ultimately my job as owner and as a leader is to provide the tools, systems and process for my teams to do their job of running the business effectively day to day ,so I don’t have to. There are always key strategic decisions and relationships that I need to keep close contact with and it is important to be there often in order to lead, influence the culture and provide support but if I do my job correctly, I should never feel ‘chained’ to my business. Read more>>

Leif An | Director & Founder

“It’s just coffee”. I am sure we all think that when we go to a local specialty coffee shop and baristas seem to take a long time making our pour over or a latte. When I first started my career as a barista, my perception of coffee was similar to that of everyone else’s. I applied for my first barista position at a local coffee shop back in high school thinking that it would be a quick and easy summer job. 2 weeks into my new job, I had bags under eyes from lack of sleep due to caffeine over-dose. What I realized about this industry was that it required more than pressing a button or two to make a cup of specialty coffee. “Normal” daily procedures as a barista included calibrating and tasting all espressos and brewed coffees daily and hourly because quality of the coffee was heavily affected by the surrounding atmosphere and time. Read more>>

Diahanne Payne | Building Code Specialist

What are outsiders unaware of. The single most dangerous item that homeowners, builders, etc. don’t know is the liability aspect of having an illegal addition. If someone trips over a threshold that is too tall, of a tile that is too slick for a bathroom or a piece of drywall falling from an 8 ft. ceiling- you are in deep trouble ( shit). Any attorney worth his legal knowledge is going to first check to see if it’s a legal habitable unit as defined by building and safety. ( and because you bought it that way does not mean you are absolved form liability). YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY DOES NOT HAVE TO PAY TO RESOLVE THE SUIT. Your homeowners insurance has a clause ( whether you own it outright of are buying it from the bank). “All work performed on this property is to be done in a “professional and workmanlike manner”…This implies permits and and licensed people. Un approved construction by code is “Substandard” because it has NOT been inspected! Read more>>

Tiffany Gentry | Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Photography is so much more than having a good camera + taking pretty pictures. While that is obviously a key component, I believe that it’s important to educate clients so that they have a more comprehensive understanding of what to look for when hiring a photographer. A photographer needs to know light + the role it plays in each shot. For example, we need to know how to find the best light, the artistic impact of front lighting vs. back lighting + the role that shadows play in composing a shot. We need to know the ins + outs of our gear. What many clients don’t realize is that photographers are constantly changing our camera settings to properly expose each image. This can change based on the subject, the light, the focal point, the angle, etc. Read more>>

Urvi Radia | Restaurant Owner & Homeopath

Extremely tiring endless hours of physical work. Read more>>