We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Toiah Gordon | Artist & Funny Content Creator

Most people know that art is subjective and it’s value is truly in the eyes of the beholder. What people may not know is that I pour my full creativity into anything I create. And sometimes several mistakes and do-overs take place before you see the actual finished work. Parting with my art is always a little hard because I put so much thought and love into everything I do. It always feels extra special and enthralling when someone enjoys the beauty of what I create. Read more>>

Amit May Cohen | Composer for Film and TV

As a composer for film and TV you’re hired to add another dimension to the film through music. What most outsiders don’t know is that the process is very collaborative. The composer must work and communicate with the director, producer, music editors, and music supervisors, in order to realize the music to its fullest. Sometimes the director has specific instructions and preferences, and on other occasions they’re not sure what they want. All of this has to be communicated throughout the writing process. Read more>>

Magnus Christoffersen | Artist

As a dancer I think the one thing most people aren’t aware of is the amount of work and dedication it takes for a ballet dancer to get to a professional level. Many years of training and dedication goes into the preparation which also contains of dealing with mental obstacles such as being relaxed and present under pressure when on stage. The pay off is the ability to create beauty with one’s own body to music and captivate an audience’s focus in ways that can’t be described with words. A beautiful ballet performance is like magic. Read more>>

Caitlin Cimino | Metalsmith and Owner of Prini Jewelry

The jewelry industry (like many others) is directly connected to unethical and environmentally harmful practices. Things like toxic waste, unsustainable usage of water, slave labor, deforestation, ecosystem devastation and corruption can all play a part in the sourcing of metals and gemstones. The good news is that options such as recycled gold and silver and ethically sourced gemstones exist. So, when purchasing jewelry, it’s incredibly important to find a jeweler who practices awareness and mindfulness around their sourcing. Read more>>

Brandon Atlas | Model, Dancer, Actor, and Pop Star

I feel like a lot of people that are not in the modeling industry, definitely glamorize or idolize the life of a model. A lot of people don’t understand that whilst the industry CAN be very glamorous, there are a lot of downsides to being in the industry. Because models are constantly expected to look or act a certain way, insecurities can be overwhelming and your lifestyle can get strenuous. Skincare and exercising is definitely a must for me. Read more>>

Emanuele Daga | Writer & Director

I think people are unaware of how strenuous of a process it is to make a movie. It takes an incredible amount of time, effort and money to shoot a film. From screenwriting to pre-production, from shooting to editing, from acquiring distribution to making it to theaters, the move-making process is a marathon full of obstacles that takes at least half a year and typically costs six to eight figures. Read more>>

Kasey Dutcher | Domestic Engineer and Business Owner

We are always and after thought! I cannot tell you how many calls we get for last minute or same day large orders with only hours to fulfill the order. Most people place priority on the other details for their events and at the last minute, they realize they need us and luckily, we are able to help and accommodate. Read more>>

Kristy Murphy | World Champion Surfer, Margarita Enthusiast, and Surf Travel Guide/Coach

The one thing that most people are super unaware of is how hard it is to do what we do. Taking care of others logistically, guaranteeing that our guests have a great vacation and ultimately teaching them what it is to be a surfer is a lot of work. Surfing is hard. One of the hardest activities that exists and can take a lifetime to master. One of our great mentors Linda Benson explains that “surfing is a million dollar experience earned one nickel at a time.” Read more>>

Berlin | Motivational Content Creator

I think outsiders are unaware of how much time and effort content creation requires. It is truly an art form that can sometimes go unappreciated. This is why it is important to like, comment, share, and save posts as much as you can. Those simple acts can help create opportunities for your local creators. Read more>>

Laura Cerrano | Certified Feng Shui Master

The practice of Feng Shui has evolved over the centuries to match the needs and evolution of humanity. There are several methods of Feng Shui commonly spoken about which include Form School, Compass Method, BTB Feng Shui, Flying Stars, etc. These unique blendings of Feng Shui, paired with cultural interpretations has unraveled a diversity of perspectives and styles to its approach. However, if a person chooses to use classical, modern-day or ‘new age,’ benefits are recognized and felt. Let that be from the simplicity of making a home more cozy and welcoming, to increasing focus and communication among family members and co-workers, to assisting in improving the overall well-being and health of the occupants mentally, emotionally and physically. Adopting the practice of Feng Shui into a person’s lifestyle has also helped give them inner solace during times of uncertainty. I believe people are unaware of Feng Shui being utilized as a tool for healing and to initiate and maintain living a healthy lifestyle. Read more>>