We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Dr. Lori Baudino | Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist

As a clinical psychologist and board certified dance movement therapist, I focus on supporting the “whole child” mind, body and spirit. If you didn’t know, therapy is a supportive place for everyone to get individualized tailored support. Therapy must involve an understanding of the nervous system, embodied practices that all for connections to self, others and the environment. A space that is met with compassion and creativity- play and care! Read more>>

Desiree Guerrero | Founder & CEO

For years, people believed they only had two choices when it came to jewelry quality– gold plated or solid gold. My mind was blown about two and a half years ago when I was sitting on the B train while living in Brooklyn and Googled, “Is there a metal in between gold plated and solid gold?” That’s the first time I had ever heard of gold filled. As I searched high and low for jewelry made from gold filled, I was (and still am) struck by how inaccessible it is. That’s when RCHL was born. We’re on a mission to democratize the jewelry industry and make quality affordable jewelry accessible to everyone. Read more>>

Leon Wu | Sharpe Suiting, Founder & CEO

At Sharpe, design is a social service. Sharpe’s designers, which we call Design Ambassadors are spread across 5 different locations across the US – California, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina and Florida. By 2021, we will add more Design Ambassadors to the Sharpe group in Colorado, Georgia and Massachusetts who will be available to help clients create custom clothing for their special occasions. These designers not only help our clients curate and produce their custom looks, but more importantly they are trained to be confidence coaches. At Sharpe, we believe fashion is identity. It’s simply not enough to suit you up in high-quality dresswear. Rather, it is more important for us to elevate how you feel wearing Sharpe on a special day, whether it’s your virtual wedding or graduation or a future red carpet event once quarantine is over. Read more>>

Zachary Yungst | Co-Founder, Traveler & Healthy Eater

Everyone knows the service industry — and particularly the food service industry — is extremely challenging, but I think outsiders probably don’t realize that this business also requires constant innovation to keep up with the demands of our marketplace. Of course, we’re always thinking on our feet and adapting day-to-day, but we’re also required to think bigger picture: how do we deliver additional variety, more consistency, new service methods, and more intuitive technology, all while food costs are increasing, competition in the space is at its historical peak, and expectations for “team lunch” are ever evolving? And that was all true BEFORE Covid-19 hit. Since March, the need to innovate has reached new heights. Over the past few months, we’ve conceived of, developed, and rolled out multiple new product offerings, all to meet the demands of the nation’s at-home workforce. Read more>>

Miya Matsui | Tattoo Artist

Hmm… I remember before my first tattoo experience, it was so intriguing for me to dream about what it would be like. Before getting tattooed and starting to learn how to tattoo, I couldn’t fully comprehend how uniquely spiritual and empowering it can be. It is many things for many people, but tattooing certainly has been deeply spiritual for many cultures and people for thousands of years. I feel a real responsibility to try to honor this as much as I possibly can! Read more>>